Putin: Hacked Emails Reveal That Clinton Threatened Sanders’ Wife

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The Kremlin claim the Clinton campaign "sent their goons to give Jane Sanders the shakedown," in order to end the Bernie Sanders campaign before the convention.

Kremlin sources say the Clinton campaign “sent their goons to give Jane Sanders the shakedown,” in order to end the Bernie Sanders campaign before the convention, citing evidence from one of 10,000 Hillary emails Putin has in his personal possession. 

The Clinton campaign needed Bernie Sanders on board before the emails were leaked as they contained evidence that confirmed his suggestions of Democratic establishment bias and would have given him unstoppable momentum heading into the convention – had he chosen to play that game.

However after the meeting with the Clinton team Sanders unexpectedly suspended his previously gung-ho campaign, and although he refused to wholeheartedly endorse her, he signalled to his supporters that his run for President was effectively over.

Kremlin sources have denied the DNC claims that Russian state-sponsored hackers are behind the email leaks, with Julian Assange also stating the DNC claim is a politically motivated “lame conspiracy smear.”

Despite the FBI asking the Kremlin for copies of any emails they have in their possession, it is understood the Kremlin has not released anything to anyone, including Wikileaks.

According to Kremlin sources, the source of the Wikileaks email trove could have come from “a huge number of possible sources“, as “intelligence communities around the whole world have copies of Hillary’s emails. Everybody is talking about them.”

Senior staff in the Kremlin have been allowed to see the emails, however Putin alone has access to them and keeps them on his personal laptop, under lock and key. He has been heard staying up until 2am, reading their contents out loud, roaring with laughter.

President Vladimir Putin is said to be amused by Democratic Party attempts to portray him as the villain, when their own failings are on display for all to see. “They always need a babayka [boogeyman] to frighten people with. I am the Eastern boogeyman, it seems.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reached out to the Kremlin, promising them “rewards” if they release Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing,” Trump said on Wednesday.

I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens. That will be next.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, while not directly denying Russian involvement in the hack, said Moscow would never interfere in another country’s election.

President Putin more than once has said that Russia would never interfere and does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, especially in the electoral process,” Dmitry Peskov told journalists Wednesday in a conference call.

Peskov also criticized the willingness to accuse Russia of wrongdoing. “If we talk about some sort of suspicions against a country, then it is necessary at a minimum to be precise and concrete,” the spokesman said.

He said “speculation in this case does not show a constructive attitude.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The DNC, the Media, Election Fraud, and the Democratic Party Platform https://theglobalinsight.wordpress.com/2016/07/28/the-dnc-the-media-election-fraud-and-the-democratic-party-platform/

  2. Clinton-bush have committed international war crimes- yes we need any evidence any country may have. They are world criminals.. Time for accountability. 

  3. A smut magazine anything will do to get new readers! I am sure Putin said oh I have this email that said Hillary was gonna shake down Bernie’s wife! I dislike Hillary, but I really hate this smut rag!

    • Well, so far Hillary supporters have ignored all emails that have been released. You can tell because they think that the Bernie supporters should support Hillary even though the DNC, the superdelegates, Hillary and the billionaire controlled media did everything they could to make the worse democratic Party candidate in it’s history the nominee. Then after putting their terrible nominee up for President through a corrupt process that discounted the will of the people, they expect the people to turn around and vote for this terrible nominee. lmao…. and what is truly sad is that there will be some that do so.
      #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #JillNotHill

    • Your back up plan for what?? She is not going to win and has no chance to win either! Why are you wasting a vote? Yes, Sanders was an excellent candidate and the DNC took every Bernie supporter for a ride! All of you need to make sure the Democrat party wake up and vote Republican to let them know it is the people who decide!! NOT the crooked politicians! Trump is not a crooked politician! The DNC and KILLIARY created the vile campaign against him! I don’t agree with everything he has said all the time but it’s nothing compared to the CliHitlers! Nothing! Let’s unite for the candidate who can and will make a difference for the USA and who the very people who made certain to kick out Bernie will have to see Trump in Office for the next 4 years!! Yes, it is we the people! 

    • emails are a diversion. If FBI pardoned hil on “she was stupid” not the content, they concluded that investigation. Entirely bogus and a distraction from the real problem they’re scurrying to get their butts covered fast about is . . the clinton foundation. 

    • These are different!! First of all the FBI is bonkers to say that 60K emails are deleted from a SoS’ account and that doesn’t show intent to conceal, I doubt that they US people will leave it like that, we can still pursue this. But the recent emails we’re talking about are not the same, these are 30K emails by DNC, Hill Campaign etc, they have not been examined by the FBI, this is an entirely different matter, and it’ll explode, and so will the ones or the evidences against their foundation which is pure croockery!

    • get a life..it is as plain as the nose on your face..check it out on Scopes..They work for Hillary and why DO YOU NEED PROOF> What are you going to do about it ??

  4. As i see it… if they Russians have emails then Hillary can not be president because she is now vulnerable to blackmail. With her ability to determine security classifications as the head of the security classification department in the FED. how can she be trusted to be above spilling secrets when someone threatens to release damning emails.

    • That is why it was SO IDIOTIC for Clinton to blame the Russians. She took Trumps bait, hook, line, and sinker. Dumb arse! Double proof she cannot be our President.  

  5. As much as I loathe HRC and all that she and her minions have done to Bernie and his campaign – Only because that Democratic platform represents what Sanders and his delegates fought for, I’ll hold my damn nose and vote for her.  We will hold her feet to the fire and she will always Feel The Bern. #OurRevolution

    • You need to consider who will hold her accountable.  It’s a big show to say I was responsible.  And it is such an easy task when you know your cohorts will buffer you from being held accountable. #dropouthillary #neverHillary #JillStein. I am wholly disgusted the DNC would do this.  But it’s not a surprise.  They do not deserve another begrudged vote.  And how dare you for offering yours.

  6. I don’t blame Bernie I blame the Kilton crime family after seeing this there is no way I would vote for someone that would beat a 75 year old man. Those people are horrible.      http://halturnershow.com/index.php/news/world-news/113-was-bernie-sanders-physically-beaten-up-at-democrat-convention

  7. I searched the already released leaks and tweeted days ago that one of the emails points out that Jane Sanders is vulnerable to pressure   She was a college President, made a bad land investment, and bankrupted that college.  Maybe they told her she would be criminally prosecuted if Bernie didn’t drop out?  “Yes we can!”

  8. I knew it! That change in tone by Bernie all of a sudden is not normal, Im sure they threatened them! We are talking big Mafia here!

    • I’m been calling Hill a mafiosi since the election began!! Nice to see that someone understands the meaning of these kind of dealings, croocks!! And a recent death by a kew witness again!!!

  9. and they smacked Bernie around, he lost his protection and then he shows up with bruised and scratched face, now they threatned Jane, sick people, democracy gone!

  10. Without the emails, this story is nothing but speculative nonsense.
    I don’t like Hillary either, but she can’t be taken down with a smear campaign, that’s her specialty. We already have the evidence we need to prove she committed nationwide election fraud. If this story is true, then Clinton and everyone involved with threatening Mrs. Sanders can be charged with domestic terrorism.
    So what is Putin waiting for?  Every day that goes by without releasing them makes the claim look more bogus than the day before.
    Stop wasting out time and get back to us when you actually have some facts about the claim.  Also, go back to journalism and learn how to become a real reporter.

  11. I wouldn’t doubt the goons were sent because Bernie had a nice bruise on the right side of his face. But, not sure how accurate this article is.

  12. This is not a great article, and I also would like to know what kind of blackmail was this?? More specific!! What could they have said to Jane for them to buckle the campaign??? (I’m a Bernie, love him, will never leave him) but what, what was said?? why didn’t you write the specifics???

  13. What amazes me is you say this is not a great article but you are so misinformed (Dumb) that you do not know Trump and Hillary are NOT RUNNING AGAINST EACH OTHER>>They Are running TOGETHER for A WIN WIN FAUX Election…

  14. I notice these always say something about what was in the emails, but never quote the emails themselves, leaving me wondering if this is just a smear. 

  15. “Kremlin sources say” So YourNewsWire is doing Putin’s bidding? Attacking a US citizen on behalf of the Kremlin, with unsubstantiated hearsay. This is a source of #FakeNews.

  16. is this satire or fake news?

    “Putin sits up all night laughing at Hillary’s emails”

    I’m sure he laughing, but doubt he wastes much time on it.

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