Rudy Giuliani – U.S. Needs To Be A Police State After Paris Attacks

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Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday and said that the police need to have a presence inside all Muslim places of worship following the Paris terror attacks recently.

He also criticized the current NYC mayor, de Blasio, calling him “irrational” for pulling out police out of Muslim mosques in New York. reports:

It is no surprise that Fox News is using a tragedy to stoke xenophobic fears within its base audience. That is, of course, their stock and trade. Still, the irresponsible and hateful rhetoric coming from the network over these past 24 hours is shocking, even for them. It appears that Fox has decided to use this particular incident to embrace the idea that America and its allies needs to engage in a full-scale holy war with the Muslim world. During his show Wednesday night, Sean Hannity said that the United States needs to insist on “assimilation” from Muslims if they are to live in this country. Also, in a clip shown on Fox & Friends, Hannity interviewed an imam who claimed Islam means submission, not peace, providing a perfectly scary soundbite for Fox’s viewers.

After the mandatory shots at Obama and de Blasio, Giuliani proceeded to pat himself on the back regarding his lifelong work on stopping radical Islamic terrorism (except, of course, on 9/11). He then used the Charlie Hebdo tragedy to make the point that the United States needs to demand that police surveillance units be present at all times in places of worship, specifically Muslim mosques and other gathering places. Giuliani claimed that Christian priests and Jewish rabbis have no issues with police officers and agents. Therefore, Muslims should welcome constant police surveillance.

Giuliani used the go-to right-wing excuse to justify constant surveillance and police presence — if you have a problem with it, obviously you are doing something wrong. Giuliani told the Fox hosts, “If you’re uncomfortable with police officers at your services, you must be saying things that are dangerous.” Essentially, this is the same justification used for Stop and Frisk and racial profiling. Regardless, it is fascistic thinking that argues for an overarching police state while treating certain racial, ethnic and religious groups as second-class citizens.

Video of Rudy Giuliani’s “xenophobic” appearance on Fox below

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