Insider Admits Google Is Run by the CIA and Is Rigging the U.S. Election

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CIA runs Google and is preparing to rig the U.S. election.

The CIA completely controls Google and is working to secretly rig the U.S. election to ensure their favorite candidate wins, according to an insider.

Google’s monopoly status and its unusually high number of ex-CIA employees explains why its algorithm is weighted to disproportionately produce “news” from the establishment hard-Left such as the New York Times and CNN:

… you can have voter ID, paper ballots, get rid of “early voting,” etc., etc., etc., and still not have a functional democracy if the government can censor the information available to voters (e.g., Hunter-laptop) and plant false information (e.g., Russia-bounties, the military are “suckers and losers”). America does NOT have a functional democracy because of government censorship. reports: Here is the data that shows the bias:

Even more ominous is that Google (and Facebook) is run by ex-CIA. But just keep pretending “land of the free,” that America is not a Police State, that our elections aren’t rigged, etc., etc., etc.:

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