Joe Biden Unveils ‘Roadmap to Citizenship’ for 11 Million Illegals

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Joe Biden plans to give roadmap to citizenship to over 11 million illegal aliens

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has unveiled his new immigration plan which offers a “roadmap to citizenship” for over 11 million illegal aliens currently living in America.

The 2020 candidate’s extreme plan also promises to send $4 billion in taxpayer-funded aid to Central American countries.

Biden released his immigration plan on Wednesday and it does not include any funding for the border wall promised by President Trump. reports: The plan would strengthen protections afforded to illegal aliens brought into the country as children, known as the “Dreamers” or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

But it also touts a citizenship path that could apply to 11 million illegal aliens.

“Biden will immediately begin working with Congress to modernize our system, with a priority on keeping families together by providing a roadmap to citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants,” the plan read.

If the 11 million figure is based off of estimates of how many illegal aliens reside in the U.S, it may be an underestimate. A Yale-affiliated study in 2018 found that there may be upwards of 22 million illegal aliens in the U.S.

The plan offers minimal requirements to enter the roadmap to citizenship:

Biden will aggressively advocate for legislation that creates a clear roadmap to legal status and citizenship for unauthorized immigrants who register, are up-to-date on their taxes, and have passed a background check.

Biden has faced angry protests from illegal alien advocates who denounced his lack of public support for their open borders agenda.

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