UK: 74 Convicted Terrorists Walking The Streets After Being Released Early

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Seventy-four convicted terrorists are back on the streets in the UK after being released from prison early, it has been revealed in the wake of the deadly London Bridge terror attack on Friday.

Seventy-four convicted terrorists are back on the streets in the UK after being released from prison early, it has been revealed in the wake of the deadly London Bridge terror attack on Friday.

Usman Khan, 28, the London Bridge terrorist, was walking the streets after being released after just eight years behind bars. The convicted terrorist was free to kill an innocent man and woman despite the judge who jailed him ruling he should never be let out.

He was convicted of terrorism offenses after police uncovered a plot by his 9-man terror cell to bomb the London Stock Exchange, murdering thousands of people, as well as plans to build a jihadi training camp.

But Khan’s initial indefinite sentence was quashed, allowing him to walk free without facing the Parole Board. He was released from prison in December last year, before going on to stab two people to death while wearing a fake suicide jacket on Friday.

But questions over sentencing and parole have since arisen after Khan, 28, unleashed a horrific terror attack while wearing a fake suicide vest at London Bridge on Friday – claiming the lives of two people and injuring three others. 

The London Bridge attacker was named as convicted terrorist Usman Khan

The Sun report: The terrorist was on licence and wearing an electronic monitoring tag when he attended a conference on prisoner rehabilitation hosted by Cambridge University scheme Learning Together at Fishmongers’ Hall near London Bridge.

Security services have since confirmed they have stepped up their surveillance of 74 terrorists who were released early in similar circumstances as Khan.

The Conservative government scrapped automatic release in 2012 but they still applied to Khan’s sentence because he was convicted under the old Labour rules so he was released halfway through his 16-year sentence in December last year.

The Parole Board said in a statement they had “no involvement” in Khan’s release.

West Midlands Police last night said a man had been arrested on preparation of terrorist acts in Stoke in connection with the wider on-going review of licence condition following Friday’s attack.

So who are feared to be among the others?

Omar Latif, 35, was one of nine people jailed over the plot to blow up the Stock Exchange in 2012. He was jailed for assisting in preparation for terrorism. He was sentenced to ten years and four months, plus five more on extended licence. Latif has since been released from prison
Mohammed Shahjahan, 34,  was also jailed for his part in the plot to target the Stock Exchange and to start a terrorist training camp. Sentenced in 2012, he was given an indefinite prison term of eight years and 10 months. However, after an appeal, he was given a sentence of 17 years and eight months, which he served half of and was then released.
Abdul Malik Miah, 32, was given a 16 year jail sentence after being convicted of the same plot as Khan. He admitted to preparing to commit an act of terrorism in 2012. He is understood to have been freed from prison after serving half his sentence
Gurukanth Desai, 37, was one of the terrorists pictured with Khan. He had been part of the plot to blow up the Stock Exchange and was jailed for 12 years in February 2012 for preparing an act of terrorism. It has since been reported he is free after serving half of his sentence
Nazam Hussain was arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts with Usman Khan. The pair had reportedly become close while growing up in Stoke-on-Trent. As he was jailed in 2012, he was named along with Khan as the more serious and effective terrorists of the group. In 2013, he successfully appealed his sentence and was given 16 years behind bars, of which he only had to serve eight. This means he was eligible for release at the same time as Khan
Junade Feroze, 31, was jailed for 22 years in 2007 for an al-Qaeda-linked plot that would have seen thousands killed. Feroze would research bomb parts while also leading counter-surveillance checks. He would have served half his sentence by last year, with it unclear if he has been freed.
Younes Tsouli, 31, was jailed for 16 years in 2007 for distributing bomb-making instructions. Once described as Al Qaeda’s most influential cyber-terrorist, he also shared beheading videos on the Internet. Tsouli prison term had ended in November 2013 but he was re-arrested after an Al Qaeda magazine was found in his cell. Tsouli, who used the name 007, was ultimately deported to his native Morocco
Terror fanatic Rangzieb Ahmed was locked up in 2008 for a minimum of ten years, becoming the first person in the UK convicted of directing a terrorist organisation. It was revealed in February 2019 that he had received £800,000 in legal aid to appeal his conviction.
Jamshed Javeed, 30, was jailed for six years after he was caught ready to travel to Syria to fight with ISIS. He was arrested in December 2013 just before he was about to leave. The teacher had claimed he was travelling only to support the people of Syria. It is unclear if he has been freed but he has already served half his sentence
Kazi Islam was just 19 when he was sentenced to eight years for ‘grooming’ a young man to kill UK soldiers. The teen had tried to persuade another 19-year-old to buy ingredients for a pope bomb – labelled ‘callous’ and ‘manipulative’ by the judge. He was jailed in 2013 after denying any wrongdoing

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  1. Why is it that every time the Royal Family are investigated for their misdeeds there seems to be a very convenient terrorist attack at home or abroad? Remember when Sir Jimmy Saville died and everything came about about him, Prince Charles and Ted Heath came to light the Israelis launched “Operation Cast Lead” Also at that time there was the Hampstead Children case.
    It seems that the dark side truly are capable of unleashing the “Sampson Option” whereby once exposed they will attempt to bring the whole world down with them.

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