Is This Bigfoot Spotted In Northern California? (Video)

Fact checked

A YouTube video user posted a video in which he allegedly captures footage of Bigfoot in Northern California on his quadcopter (A quadcopter is a drone that is lifted and propelled by 4 rotors).

The footage was shot in Roseville, California. At the end of the video the expert concludes that it is indeed Bigfoot… or a man wearing black pants and a black hoodie.

According to the video’s description:

This footage was sent to us by a photographer/videographer who specializes in aerial videography using a quadcopter.

They told us that they were doing a pre shoot run to get some ideas about what they would shoot when the actual shoot day came.

When they returned home and reviewed the footage this creature appeared on one of the shots. He says he doesn’t know if its a bigfoot or a sasquatch, but he was confused about it and sent it to us for our opinion.

This footage of a supposed bigfoot sighting or sasquatch sighting was taken somewhere between Roseville California and Grassvalley or Colfax California.

What do you think? Bigfoot? Sasquatch? Guy in sweater?