US Air Force Give Airmen The Boot For Refusing Covid Jab

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AIR FORCE Pentagon

The US Air Force has discharged 27 airmen for refusing to get a covid-19 vaccine, the Pentagon said on Monday making them the first in the US military to be punished over President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The airmen were “younger, lower-ranking personnel” and were serving their first term of enlistment, Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek told the media.

RT reports: Unlike others in the US military who have sought religious and medical exemptions from the mandate, the dismissed airmen did not seek any exemptions, she claimed.

Their reason for discharge was officially disobeying an order, however it is not clear whether they received honorable discharges.

Reports indicate that as many as 40,000 US military personnel have refused vaccination against Covid-19 or sought an exemption – roughly 3% of troops.

While some exemptions have been granted, including for medical reasons and for those who were already leaving the military, those seeking a religious exemption saw their requests being dismissed so far, according to the New York Times.

Active-duty Air Force service members had until November 2 to get vaccinated, while Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve personnel were given a December 2 deadline. In the latter group alone, almost 11,000 troops failed to meet the deadline.

Austin has recently been engaged in a standoff with the Oklahoma National Guard over the vaccine mandate, with the state government arguing that its guard should not be beholden to the federal requirement. The Biden administration has threatened to withhold funding from the Oklahoma National Guard should it fail to ensure that its members are fully vaccinated. The Oklahoma government is now suing the Biden administration over the threats.


  1. Extortion blackmail gentile behaviour from that lot Usually it’s bombs away. But all of a sudden their concerned about health and safety.

  2. it is irresponsible to inject your entire military with what is essentially an experimental drug. What a potential for complete defeat by an enemy with access to the doses. Someone could conquer us in a day without a shot fired.

    • Dont give them ideas…im sure they would love to thow people off of Social Security and deny medicare too. They are allready trying to off the elderly that go into the hospitals seeking treatment… seems folks are worth more dead than alive for gov bonus funding to Hospitals and doctors.

  3. It is an illegal order… not just an expermental ‘vaccine’ but one that changes mRNA. Gene therapy treatments are not meant for whole populations but for specific conditions like cancer treatment. There is another problem which should have beeen obvious to our idiot of a president, the problem with the Jab and Covid are the same… the spike protein. Except now the Jab is totally worthless and actually spreads COVID infections more than an unjabbed person. Pilots who are jabbed endanger whole segments of populations, not only themselves but a bomb carrying jet fighter that drops out of the sky because the pilot passes out with a blood clot jaming up things after a high G manouver could take out quite a few blocks of city beneath him. Why arent all those athletics dropping on the field enough proff? Why do they still want to jab the children? Agent Orange,denile, Anthrax vaccine and Gulf War syndrom, Depleated Uranium usage for armor piercing ammo, Darpa continuing germ warfare experments? When is enough enough? Or do we have an actual enemy(s) sitting in the White House that wants to off a thrid or more of the US citizenry.

    Oh, and needless to say, our Supreme Court has failed us in not completely outlawing the mandating of vaccines for everyone, to include government workers.

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