Gym Bans Woman Who Complained About Man Shaving In Women’s Locker Room

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Planet fitness gym

A woman who complained after witnessing a man shaving in a women’s Planet Fitness locker room has had her membership cancelled by the gym.

The incident took place at the company’s Alaska Planet Fitness gym, where a ‘trans man’ was found shaving in the womens locker room.

Patricia Silva who had been working out at the gym, was in the changing room when she caught sight of the individual, whom she described as ‘a man with a penis’, shaving in front of a 12-year-old girl in a towel.

After documenting the incident on social media, Silva is now encouraging other women who feel like their right to privacy is being stripped to stand up against the transgender insanity.

InfoWars reports: The woman elaborated further in a follow-up video, saying she’d confronted the man when she spotted him, noting there was also a 12-year-old girl in a towel who “kinda freaked out a man was shaving in her locker room.”

“Well, I was offended,” the woman who filmed the video stated. “I took a picture of him and I asked him why are you there? ‘You’re a man with a penis. Why are you in the women’s locker room?’”

“And he justified by saying, ‘I’m queer LGB.’ and I said, ‘You shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room.

According to the woman, staff members reportedly defended the man and revoked her membership after complaining.

The woman’s report sparked calls to boycott the company until they address the issue.

Evidently, Planet Fitness’s policy claims they allow “all members, including transgender members,” to use any facility that corresponds with “their self-reported gender identity.”

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