Jeremy Kyle Guest Who Committed Suicide Was a Pedophile, Wife Claims

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Jeremy Kyle guest who committed suicide was pedophile, wife says

The British man who committed suicide shortly after appearing on the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ talk show was an abusive pedophile who was frightened of the truth coming out, according to his estranged wife.

Steve Dymond, 63, killed himself shortly after appearing on the show. His suicide led to the cancellation of the show by executives at the broadcaster ITV.

However, according to his wife Diane Healing, his death was as a direct result of her accusing him of being a pedophile.

“He killed himself because he was frightened of the truth coming out– the truth that he ‘sexually molested a child,” Diane Healing told The Sun.

Healing added:

“He’s being treated as a martyr but I want people to know what he was really like. He’s actually a pedophile. Seeing all the coverage has brought back the trauma. Seeing how people feel sorry for him, it’s soul-destroying.”

“It was disgusting and vile what he did and he was a prolific liar. The people feeling sympathy have no idea what he was like.”

“There was lie after lie after lie.I think he took advantage of me because he was 15 years older than me when I met him.”

MTO News reports: Dymond’s body was found at his bedsit last week ten days after he was filmed failing a lie detector test for the controversial talk show over claims he cheated on his new fiancee.

Talk show host Jeremy Kyle responded to the news, “Myself and the production team I have worked with for the last 14 years are all utterly devastated by the recent events,” he said per The Sun. “Our thoughts and sympathies are with Steve’s family and friends at this incredibly sad time.”

The popular daytime show had been on the air for 14 years.

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