Democrats Attend ‘Russia Collusion’ Funeral; Read out Mueller Report to Empty Room

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Democrats appear to have entered the second stage of grief.

Democrats grieve over Russian-collusion death by reading out Mueller report to empty room

Democrats spent 12 hours publicly grieving the death of their Russian-collusion narrative on Thursday by reading out the entire Mueller report to an empty room.

In a bizarre spectacle, Democrats took to an empty room somewhere in the Capitol to read aloud each of the 448 pages in the Mueller report. reports: It’s not like the country has real problems going on or anything. We’ve clearly got time for this.

House Democrats are planning to read out loud special counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report in a marathon session on Thursday.

“We’ve been saying for weeks that if you think there was no obstruction and no collusion, you haven’t read the Mueller report. So the ongoing quest has been, ‘How do we get that story out there while we are waiting for the witnesses to come in?’” Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, Pennsylvania Democrat, told The Washington Post.

Actually, we have read the Mueller report and there was no collusion. Zero evidence of any conspiracy between Americans and Russia was found. The Trump tower meeting meets no logical definition of “collusion,” even in the non-criminal sense that Democrats now want to pretend they meant all along. It was a few minutes of absolutely nothing occurring, no materials changing hands, and no agreements being made.

As to obstruction, no doubt Mueller let Andrew Weismann and his merry band go nuts with slander and innuendo, but in the end, Mueller could not recommend prosecution. This was not due to the OLC opinion against indicting Presidents and he specifically said he did not take that into account.

If Mueller wouldn’t say to charge and the DOJ has said there’s no case, then there was no obstruction. Anything past that is just political posturing.

For some comic relief, you’ll also be able to listen to this riveting public spectacle again if you so desire.

I don’t know what kind of person would go purchase this on audiobook, but I’d suggest that person seek help from a professional.

The real irony here is that the Democrats are reading something into the record that’s already public. Any sane individual can just google it and read it for themselves.

No one ever accused these people of being bright. The more Democrats flail about wildly with stunts like this, the more this is going to backfire.

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