Mummified Monk Discovered Inside Statue

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mummified monk
mummified monk

A Mummified Monk was discovered hidden inside a Buddhist statue.
Researchers at Norway’s Meander Medical Center believe the statue contains the body of a Buddhist master named Liuquan.Self-Mummification  was a path to Enlightenment and Emancipation.
The 1000 year old Mummy is seen having a CT scan. Reports:

Scientists and medical staff performed the CT scan that revealed Liuquan’s mediating body in full detail. They also used an endoscope to examine the abdominal cavity of the mummy inside, and they discovered that the organs had been removed and replaced with paper scraps that were printed with ancient Chinese characters. It isn’t clear what specifically was written on those paper scraps.

Mummy Metamorphosis

If you were a monk that wanted to achieve enlightenment and be revered as a “living Buddha,” self-mummification was your brutal option. Monks on this spiritual path would starve themselves for almost a decade, subsisting on water, seeds and nuts. Then, they’d be sealed inside the statue and ingest roots, pine bark and a toxic, tree sap-based tea for another 1,000 days — eating and breathing through a small tube. Eventually death would come, and monks mummified in this manner were said to have reached enlightenment.

According to the Drents Museum, this Buddha sarcophagus is an example of self-mummification. However, the fact that his organs were removed and replaced with paper suggests that may not be true.

Mummified Monk
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