CNN Caught Doctoring Biden’s Blood-Red Background To Make Him Appear Less Satanic

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CNN caught doctoring Biden's blood-red background during his satanic speech

CNN was so shocked at the Satanic imagery the Biden administration chose to use during Thursday’s presidential speech, they edited the background color from blood-red to pink to make Biden appear less evil.

Yes, really.

In a blatant case of rewriting history in real-time, CNN offered its feed of the speech with their own filter applied so as not to scare their viewers away. reports: After looking over the severity of these images let us take a moment and think back to a reaction from the press regarding Donald Trump. One day at 1600 Penn, he stepped outside for a media moment and removed his COVID mask for the press. Journalists dubbed this his “Mussolini Moment” – for making a daytime White House appearance. Note the lack of any similar move of casting Biden in a totalitarian light from them tonight.

This does not mean, however, that they did not pick up on it. The stark red lighting, Marines stationed for the cameras – it was a dire and venal display. Here is all we need to know the Independence Hall stagecraft in Philadelphia was a complete failure of optics – CNN worked to recast the scene – live.

The network’s live feed and on-screen replays completely altered the lighting effects. Here we have a (supposedly) major and serious news outlet manipulating the live video to show a calmer, magenta-hued lighting scheme, in order to cast Biden in a less severe setting.

This is both amazing and rather disturbing. While all other networks showed the harsh-hued backdrop in all of its oppressive glory, CNN – quite literally –  opts to cast Joe in a kinder light. It appears that newly arrived CEO Chris Licht has a long way to go with his effort to move his news network closer to the political center.

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