YouTube Ban Videos Questioning Las Vegas Shooting Official Narrative

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YouTube is silencing the voice of the people. George Orwell's Ministry of Truth has arrived.

YouTube is silencing the voice of Las Vegas shooting eyewitnesses and survivors by changing their search algorithm to push their videos from the top of search results to the very bottom, replacing these popular videos with unpopular, widely discredited videos made by corporate news organizations.

Shaken by the response of the American people to the Las Vegas shooting, the establishment has leaned on YouTube and social media to “clamp down” on “conspiracy theories” surrounding the attack, and YouTube has now given prominence to “authoritative news sources” at the top of search results, even though these news sources have been roundly rejected by the American people as misleading, compromised and biased.

What kind of videos are YouTube banning, exactly? They are banning independent inquiry by citizen journalists working on the ground in Las Vegas.

These banned videos are shot by people who are actually in Las Vegas; ordinary people who were at the scene of the crime, armed with cell phones. They are videos that are asking questions of the authorities, of the hotels, of the official narrative. They are investigating the crime. They are finding and interviewing concert attendees who were shot, analyzing the weapons allegedly used, comparing the number of casualties with the recorded time of firing. In other words, they are doing the job that in former times would have been done by the press, but no more.

Why are people flocking to these videos? The answer should by now be self-evident. The corrupted mainstream media isn’t doing it’s job anymore.

Rather than investigating crimes and holding the establishment elite to account, rather than speaking truth to power, mainstream media operatives are now more interested in getting close to power, rubbing shoulders with the elite, tidying up their mess and picking up their crumbs.

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It’s a sorry state of affairs. A functioning democracy requires a free, independent press. But instead of a free press, Google and social media are slowly but surely creating a Ministry of Truth run by corporate media on behalf of the establishment.

WikiLeaks emails proving almost all of the major outlets in the U.S., including dozens of high-profile journalists, colluded with the Clinton campaign last year, provided a sickening taste of the foul, stinking slop being served up for the public by the corporate media.

Now the establishment are leaning on YouTube, Google and social media to join their side and silence any dissenting voices.

In attempting to steer its users away from anything on the internet that wasn’t created by the corporate media empire, YouTube is further discrediting itself in front of a smart, tech savvy generation that doesn’t fall for mainstream media lies anymore.

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While alternative media has spent the year breaking news and reporting on genuine investigative journalism, mainstream media have been lying, manipulating and ingratiating themselves with the ruling elite  – attempting to protect the establishment from independent, legitimate inquiry.

Alternative media have broken the biggest stories of the last few years. Mainstream media have followed up – when a story has become too big to ignore without losing face – by putting the establishment’s spin on it. The mainstream media is a public relations group, “framing” narratives on behalf of the establishment.

Mainstream journalism is now a pathway to power, rather than a buffer against its excesses. If it wasn’t for alternative media, the fourth estate would be dead.

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