Media Silent As Good Woman With Gun Stops Active Shooter With AR-15 At Graduation Party

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A mystery West Virginia woman is being hailed as a Second Amendment hero for using her legally-owned pistol to shoot and kill a felon armed with an AR-15 after he opened fire at a graduation party last week. 

The woman has not been identified by police, nor has she come forward to identify herself since her heroic act on Wednesday, just one day after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas where armed police waited in a corridor for an hour instead of storming the room, using their weapons, and neutralizing the shooter.  

The gunman was Dennis Butler, a 37-year-old felon who had already been cautioned for speeding near children when he drove to the graduation party that was being held outside at the Vista View Apartment Complex in Charleston, West Virginia. 

DailyMail report: Butler had been told to stop driving so quickly while children were nearby. He drove away then returned with an AR-style assault rifle and opened fire.  

The woman was among guests at the outdoor party. When she saw Butler open fire, she immediately pulled out her weapon and shot at him.  

It’s unclear exactly how many people were there but police described it as a ‘crowd’. 

The woman then pulled her legally-owned gun out of her purse and shot and killed him. At a press conference on Thursday, Charleston Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett praised the woman as a hero. 

‘Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night,’ he said.

And as America debates gun reform in the wake of the Uvalde shooting, pro-2nd amendment advocates are invoking the woman as a hero of their cause.

The other side of the gun debate,‘ said one advocate on social media. Others questioned why the story hadn’t received attention. 

A big enough story to make the Saudi Gazette but I found nothing from New York Times, CNN or MSNBC. Yes, media bias is real… on both sides,‘ said another. 

Lawmakers are now facing intense calls for gun reform in the wake of Tuesday’s tragedy in Uvalde, where 19 kids and two teachers were killed by a teenage shooter who legally purchased two AR-15 rifles within days of his 18th birthday. 

The disastrous police response to the shooting meant that injured kids were trapped alone in their classroom with the gunman for an hour after being shot. 

Medical experts now say they may have been saved if they’d been reached sooner. 

Police did not immediately rush into the classroom to disarm the shooter. 

There have been various explanations for that. First, cops said it was because they feared they would be shot. 

On Friday, Texas’ top cop said that the officers thought Salvador Ramos had already killed everyone in the classroom and that he had just barricaded himself inside. 

The Department of Justice is now investigating. 

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are leading calls for AR-15s to be banned. 

Butler, the man with the AR-15 in the West Virginia shooting, has an extensive criminal history, according to local reports. 

It’s unclear how he was able to obtain his weapon. 

There is now an investigation into how he was able to purchase the firearms, if he did, or where he stole them from. 

The woman who shot him dead is not facing any charges. 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Serial killers will just run people over in the city If they weren’t determined to be Undetectable mind controlled robots of the democratic subversive dedicated to killing as many as it takes to get Americans left defenseless against them and or any other agents of a foreign leadership.

  2. This happened approximately 90 miles from where I live. Not a mention on any of my local news stations or newspapers.

  3. thats jonny laws JOB to keep the streets safe.While private citz can and do help they should`nt have to and sometimes they get shot by johnny and most sooner or later get killed just as active johnny laws do.GUNs kill and we should`nt be killing each other thats nor freedom that our goverment MUST protect that is a war state run by the gun lobby

  4. FREEDOM is not having to kill someone who is killing someone-that is our goverment faling to protect us and failing thier dutys and the rest just falls apart into a peaceless war state lobby selling you war and weapons and a war state no safe street country falling

  5. Bullets don`t stop bullets and EVERYONE DIES in the CROSS FIRE bullet holes head to toes still no peace after 65 years

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