President Biden Trembles with Fear as Uvalde Parents Boo Him

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President Biden trembles with fear as Uvalde residents boo him during visit

President Joe Biden was left visibly shaken up during a visit to Uvalde, Texas on Sunday, where he was shouted down by an angry crowd.

During a visit to pay respects to the victims and families effected by the Robb Elementary School shooting, Biden was heckled and mocked by a crowd, causing him to end the event and flee the city.

Crowds of devastated residents jeered and booed at Biden as he pulled up in his limo to the Sacred Heart Church. reports: In response to the chants of “do something,” Biden responded with “We will”, presumably referring to gun control measures proposed by several Democrat lawmakers last week.

During his visit, Biden met with the school’s principal Mandy Gutierrez, and tasked his wife Jill Biden to lay the flowers on the memorial as he doddered alongside her.

True to form, Biden didn’t deliver any speeches or answer any questions from the press during his quick visit.

Local reporter Stella Chavez told CNN that Biden’s visit received mixed reactions from the residents, with many worried that his appearance would further politicize the shooting that left 19 children and 2 teachers dead.

“I think it depends on who you ask,” Chavez said. “I think, for the most part, the families who were affected want to focus on their loved ones who were killed. And I think having the leader of our country come here and express, you know, his condolences is important to them. But I also know, I’ve heard people say, you know, now is not the time for him to come here.”

“I think some people are concerned about politicizing this event. And I’ve heard a lot of outrage from people,” she continued. “But I’ve also heard from folks who say, ‘I don’t want to focus on that, on what could have happened, what should’ve happened, I just want to focus on the kids.’ So I would just say it depends on who you ask. But I do think it’s significant that he’s coming here and especially so soon after another similar trip to Buffalo where a horrible mass shooting also happened.”


  1. It started in Paris by the people first not cheering, then booing and then throwing apples at the royal coaches. From little things big things grow.

  2. So he thought they were going to welcome his with open arms after dividing the country so much that it would even make Obama blush? Using their children’s deaths as a democrat political talking point and as a way to enforce more gun control? He came down there to stir up sheet and attack the NRA and lawful gun owners. He came down there to be seen and heard but this fool should never ever be seen or heard. He is a phony president who lost the 2020 election. He is illegitimate. He has dementia. He craps his diaper on a daily basis. He brings darkness with him where ever he goes. He is a fallen demon.


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