Netanyahu Threatened To Assassinate Me, Ambassador’s Extraordinary Claims

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A Palestinian Ambassador has revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to have him assassinated. 

Salah Zawawi is Palestinian Ambassador to Tehran and revealed during a panel meeting on Palestine on Tuesday that “Netanyahu’s threats to assassinate me will not influence my actions and statements and I ask God for martyrdom after so many years of serving Islam”. report:

The Palestinian envoy regretted that some Muslim countries and governments are helping the Zionists against their Muslim brothers, and said, “The West’s plot is to remove all Muslim strongholds in the region.”

He noted that the West had been looking for a big military base in the Middle East and for the same reason it transferred the Jews to the Palestinian lands.

“The Zionist regime will be dismantled one day and our children will read in their history books about Israel and its destruction in the remote past,” Zawawi said.

He underlined that the US and the western countries have created the fake regime of Israel in Palestine to get rid of Palestine and have supplied Israel with the most advanced weapons.

In October, Zawawi said the Zionist regime is well aware that the countdown has started for its annihilation, and added, “The Zionist regime is an aggressor and a cancerous tumor which should be annihilated sooner or later.”

In July 2013, Zawawi described the Palestinian issue as the most important problem of the Muslim world, and said freedom of the Palestinian territories occupied by the Zionist regime is the responsibility of all freedom-seekers.

“The freedom of Palestine is the responsibility of all the world freedom-seekers,” Zawawi said, addressing an international conference dubbed ‘Palestine; Pivot of Muslim World Unity’ in Tehran.

He warned about Israel and the western countries’ plots to create division and war among the Muslim states to make them forget the Palestinian issue, and said, “Palestine will be freed one day since Palestinian fighters have fought in the past and will continue fighting in future too.”


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