Elon Musk Claims SpaceX Starship Will Take Humanity To Mars

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Elon Musk

Even though his rocket exploded under atmospheric pressure after its launch, Elon Musk has proudly proclaimed that his Starship will be taking humanity to Mars.

The huge rocket hit a major milestone during its flight test on Thursday.

Though the test flight was launched successfully into space, it ended in tragedy when the rocket lost contact with SpaceX while re-entering the atmosphere.

This has lead some to questioning whether Musk’s Starship is even capable of reaching the Red Planet without exploding.

The Mail Online reports: The mishap marks the third $3 billion Starship to be lost during tests flights in less than one year – and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened investigation to determine what went wrong.

The two-stage craft, consisting of the Starship cruise vessel mounted atop its towering Super Heavy rocket booster, took off from SpaceX‘s Boca Chica, Texas, flight test facility on the Gulf Coast at 9:25am ET.

But SpaceX revealed around 10:35am ET that the world’s most powerful rocket had been lost.

‘The team has made the call that the ship has been lost, so no splashdown today,’ said Dan Huot, SpaceX communications manager, during the live broadcast.

‘But again, just it’s incredible to see how much further we got this time around.’

SpaceX’s mission plan did not include recovering the rocket from the Indian Ocean after splashdown, but Starship breaking up in the atmosphere was unexpected.

n 2020, Musk revealed his plan for Starship to send humans to Mars.

He calculated that to put one million humans on the Red Planet by 2025, his rockets would need to conducted around three flights a day and a total of 1,000 flights a year – but 2025 is just around the corner.

The billionaire previously renewed his vow to colonize the Martian world in a post on X last month.

‘I’m going to colonize Mars. My mission in life is to make mankind multiplanetary civilization,’ the post read.

Musk’s reposted the message from his personal account with the accompanying words: ‘Only if civilization lasts long enough.’

One day before the mission, former President Barack Obama was speaking at a renewable energy conference in Paris and mentioned ‘tycoons, many of whom are building spaceships’ that could take humans to Mars.’

‘But when I hear some of the people talk about the plan to colonize Mars because the Earth environment may become so degraded that it becomes unlivable, I look at them like, what are you talking about,’ he continued.

‘I would rather us invest in taking care of this planet here.’

While Thursday’s mission did not end as planned, the test flight was the farthest performed with a Starship rocket.

The most powerful and largest launch vehicle ever constructed, Starship achieved one key first goal: successful separation from its Super Heavy booster.

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