Celebrating Primary Win Gavin Newsom Declares California The ‘Antidote’ To What Ails America

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Gavin Newsom

California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom started celebrating news of his early primary victory on Tuesday by declaring his state to be the “antidote” to what ails America.

In his opinion that means the Republican Party and what it stands for.

Breitbart reports: California also leads the nation in average fuel prices and in poverty. It suffers from electricity blackouts during peak demand periods,  thanks to overly ambitious green energy policies that Newsom himself admitted were a problem.

Despite its wealth, and high taxes, the state is near the bottom of educational achievement and is suffering a violent crime wave. Its demographic diversity masks a political monoculture that has seen the Democratic Party govern virtually without opposition, leading to an exodus of small business owners and middle-class families who cannot afford the cost of living.

Though Newsom imposed — and defied — draconian coronavirus restrictions, the state did not do much better than states that did not impose such lockdowns, or that ended their lockdowns after a short period of time and reopened their economies.

The state is also in the midst of a crippling drought and has failed to get to grips with a persistent wildfire problem.

Newsom faces a runoff election in November against the second-place finisher in the primary election, who has yet to be determined.

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