Hollywood Pedophilia: Producer Sentenced To 6 Years For Molesting Child

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Sterling Van Wagenen has been sentenced to at least six years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a 7-year-old child.

Sterling Van Wagenen, co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival and producer of major Hollywood films, has been sentenced to at least six years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a 7-year-old child.

The conviction of the powerful Hollywood insider serves as confirmation that child abuse is endemic in the entertainment industry. Former child stars Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have spoken out about Hollwyood’s “pedophilia epidemic”.

Judge Robert Griffin delivered the sentence Tuesday in a Utah courtroom. He said during the proceeding that he hoped the parole board will keep the 72-year-old Hollywood pedophile locked up behind bars longer than the minimum.

Variety report:

Judge Griffin also commended the young victim for reporting that Van Wagenen had touched her on two occasions between 2013 and 2015.

Van Wagenen was charged April 2 with sexually abusing a child starting in 2013 when the child was seven years old.

The Sundance Institute issued a statement in April denouncing Van Wagenen and said he has not been connected to the festival since 1993.

Van Wagenen had resigned as a film professor in March from the University of Utah after allegedly admitting in a recording to molesting a minor in 1993, according to the Daily Utah Chronicle. The recording was released to the public by the Truth and Transparency Foundation, which operates the MormonLeaks platform for whistleblowers within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Van Wagenen co-founded Sundance Film Festival with Robert Redford in 1978 as as the Utah/US Film Festival when Van Wagenen was head of Redford’s production company. The festival officially became the Sundance Film Festival in 1991.

Van Wagenen produced the 1985 drama “The Trip to Bountiful,” for which Geraldine Page won an Academy Award for best actress.

While insiders such as Van Wagenen are sentenced to prison for horrific crimes against children, the industry continues attempting to normalize pedophilia by celebrating and defending child molesters in their ranks. 

Director Roman Polanski has been praised and defended by many Hollywood liberals — including Meryl Streep — despite his drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl. Whoopi Goldberg even said “it wasn’t rape-rape.”

Hollywood’s favorite pervy step-dad Woody Allen has been defended by Hollywood royalty too, and those that won’t go as far as defending him say they want to “remain neutral.”

Remaining neutral is cowardly.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Evil is triumphing in Hollywood.

Corey Feldman, former child star, has spoken out about the prevalence of pedophilia in the industry.


Lord of the Rings start Elijah Wood, who came to Hollywood as a young teenager, has commented on Hollywood’s dark underbelly.

Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood,” he told the interviewer, though he said he was not targeted nor did he name others he thought were involved.

It was all organized,” he was quoted as saying. “There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is darkness in the underbelly.”

What bums me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power,” he continued. “That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: They can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

This is a huge culture of pedophilia in Hollywood that has been there for decades and it is not being addressed.

Hollywood has condemned President Trump for the Access Hollywood video, but they continue to defend actual pedophiles.

And what has President Trump been doing about pedophiles?

His administration has been very busy.

Since President Donald Trump has been sworn in on Jan. 20, authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States. This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?

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