CIA & MI6 To Relocate Skripals To US…. With New Identities

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Russia's UN envoys says if Skripals go to the US 'we may not see them again'

Sergei Skirpal and his daughter  Yulia are to be offered a new life in America in an attempt to “protect them from further murder attempts,” according to British media reports.

In reality the Skirpals, who somehow survived one of the deadliest nerve agents on the planet, cannot be allowed to reveal what really happened in Salisbury on March 4th.

It is very likely that they are being offered obscene sums of money to accept silence and relocation.

The US is reportedly one of four countries being considered by British authorities as a future safe haven for the Skripals,

Russia’s envoy to the UN said that if the US shelter the Skripals under new identities, it point to the CIA’s role in the poisoning saga and means the couple may now vanish for good, without ever having the chance to provide key evidence.


Russia Insider reports: Intelligence officials at MI6 have had discussions with their counterparts in the CIA about resettling the victims of the Salisbury poisoning. “They will be offered new identities,” a senior Whitehall figure said.

Security sources said Britain would want to ensure their safety by relocating them with one of the “five eyes” countries, the intelligence-sharing partnership that also includes America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. –The Times

“The obvious place to resettle them is in America, because they’re less likely to be killed there and it’s easier to protect them there under a new identity,” an intelligence source familiar with the negotiations added. “There’s a preference for them to be resettled in a five-eyes nation because their case would have huge security implications.”

The former double agent and his daughter are both conscious according to senior sources, and will soon begin helping authorities with their investigation into the March 4 nerve agent attack that left the pair comatose in a Salisbury, UK park and sickened 21 others.

Senior sources revealed both victims were conscious and would soon begin helping investigators with their inquiries into the nerve agent attack on March 4. Yulia, 33, a Russian citizen, has rejected demands by the Russian embassy in London that it provides her and her father with consular support — a move that has convinced British officials she might move to the West permanently. -The Times

Many are wondering how the pair survived exposure to one of the deadliest nerve agents on the planet, as a 1mm drop is the lethal dose – about the size of a small drop of rain.

Sergei, 66, is said to be awake – however his recovery is said to be “further behind” his daughter. One source told The Times that ministers “hope they can both assist us with what happened soon.” That said, the Skripals “would likely never be the same again” and that the poisoning may have left them requiring “ongoing medical care.”

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