Joe Biden Insists His Son Hunter Has ‘Done Nothing But Good Things His Whole Life’

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that his son Hunter has “done nothing but good things his whole life.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that his son Hunter Biden, who has spent time in numerous drug addiction clinics and impregnated a stripper out of wedlock before stiffing her on child support payments, has “done nothing but good things his whole life.

Appearing on ABC’s The View, former Vice President Biden refused to speak about his son Hunter’s shady business dealings in Ukraine, currently under Senate investigation.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “People wanted to see you really get mad when people started lying about Hunter and saying things about Hunter. I don’t know that you got mad enough.”

Biden said, “Well, you know I would like to be able to be back in high school and just have he and I in a room.

Behar said, “Of course, I know.”

Biden continued, “But all kidding aside, here’s the deal. Look, it is hurtful, particularly when guys like Lindsey Graham, who’s a friend of mine, do these things.”

Behar asked, “He’s still a friend?”

Biden said, “Look, presidents can’t —I  plan on being president. Presidents can’t hold grudges. You got to heal. You got to heal the country, and I just don’t want to let myself get into the mood of —like, for example, people say, why don’t I attack his kids, they’re making millions?

Behar said, “No, no.”

Jill Biden said, “You got to be above it.

Biden continued, “That’s not how we were raised. And look, nobody has said he’s done anything wrong. This is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son. He ran a food program WFP USA, a whole range of things. But look, it’s what it is. We knew it was going to be ugly.

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