Scotland: Government Under Fire For Asking Kids If They Ever Had ‘Anal Sex’ & Other Intrusive Questions

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Scotland’s privacy regulators are investigating a government census which asks children as young as 14 a series of explicit and intrusive questions about their sex lives, including whether they’ve ever had anal sex.

The controversial “Health and Wellbeing Census”, dubbed the “Snooper charter”, has already been handed out to secondary school pupils in 11 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, according to a report by the Herald.

Scottish Conservatives said the school survey must be withdrawn with one calling it a “perverse and grotesque threat to children from a government”.

RT reports: A total of 14 have declined to distribute it, while others want changes to a controversial section on sexual health.

This section asks children whether they have had “sexual experiences,” including “oral sex” or “vaginal or anal sex.” Other questions ask how many sexual partners the children have had in the past year, and a full list of questions has not been made available to parents.

Parents have expressed concerns about these questions, and the survey is also being investigated by Scotland’s Information Commissioner’s Office, which is responsible for upholding data privacy. While the census has been described by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as anonymous, reporting by The Herald found that local authorities will be able to identify participants by cross-checking their census forms against a separate database.

The government says that individual children may be identified if local authorities “see anything in the answers provided by some children and young people that raises some concerns.”

Privacy concerns aside, opposition to the survey has also come from conservative groups. The Family Education Trust (FET) warned that the census essentially asks children to admit to “illegal activity,” as most participants would be under the age of consent. 

“You will be aware of the negligence that was shown by many local authorities in dealing [with] the sexual abuse of young girls by grooming gangs,” the FET wrote in a letter to Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf last month. “The problem in many cases was that the local authority treated having underage sex as a normal part of growing up, thus allowing the abuse to continue.

“The questions in this survey display the same irresponsible attitude to young people’s sexual activity that was shown by so many local authorities,” the letter concluded.

Amid mounting controversy, Sturgeon told the Scottish parliament on Thursday that children will be free to opt out of the survey or skip questions that make them uncomfortable. She insisted, however, that the census asks vital questions for crafting policy for kids.


  1. Scotland the Brave! at the end of the questionnaire are detials on how to sign up for instruction. Parental consent not required.

  2. Look kids everywhere are being anally rooted by the tradesmen and business owners mainly, always usually the self employed, because that’s who run the drug trades and need independence to cook their books They use each others kids and they do it as a special privilege so the kids feel honoured not abused and then they take them on as apprentices and in their businesses and the whole cycle repeats over and over. The only way to stop it is to get honest drs to inspect kids for sexual activity because the kids are totally trained into Secrecy and especially at school.
    It won’t happen because they are all in it together, and the ignorant, with “good intentions” or innocent gullibility scream in outrage, or the guilty, when something like this story happens.

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