Depopulation Drug Quietly, Deceitfully Renamed and Pumped Into Food Supply

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You might know of Stevia as the plant-based sweetener that has a minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels and as a healthy alternative to sugar and even artificial sweeteners that we know can disturb the gut microbiome.

You might know of Stevia as the plant-based sweetener that has a minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels and as a healthy alternative to sugar and even artificial sweeteners that we know can disturb the gut microbiome.

Native to parts of Brazil and Paraguay, the Stevia rebaundiana plant was first studied in 1899 by the botanist Moisés Santiago Bertoni who observed its sweet taste. Locals called it kaʼa heʼẽ , or “sweet herb”, and used it as as medicine with a very specific purpose.

According to Bertoni the botanist, Stevia was used by the native tribes in Paraguay for centuries as a powerful contraceptive that destroys fertility.

And what if I told you that since Stevia has been pumped into the Western food supply, birth rates have plummeted, risking population collapse? And what if I told you Obama’s science czar knew about the effects of Stevia all along?

The FDA allowed the import of Stevia for the first time in 1995, allowing the sweetener to be used only as a dietary supplement. Then in December 2008 the FDA added Stevia to the list of food additives “generally recognized as safe” or GRAS. Stevia was then allowed to be added to flavored water, sports drinks as well as soft drinks and other foods and beverage products.

Since then Stevia has been pumped into the food supply as an ingredient in over 14,500 food and beverage products around the world including teas, soft drinks, juices, yogurt, soy milk, baked goods, granola bars, alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, cereal, salad dressings, confections and as a tabletop sweetener.

Given the widespread use of Stevia, it is worth asking whether the native tribes in Paraguay had it right. Is it really a powerful contraceptive?

It turns out they were more right than they even knew.

According to peer-reviewed scientific studies, Stevia is incredibly successful at reducing fertility. Numerous animal and human studies have found that Stevia reduces fertility by 57 to 79%.

And even more alarmingly, this happens in both females and males. And even more alarming that than, this effect in females and males can continue for months, even after you stop using Stevia.

Another study even found that an extract from the plant had an inhibitory effect on the growth of human sperm in vitro.

Stevia is a perfect depopulation drug that was rolled out by the powers that be around the same as Western populations began to decline. Coincidence?

The global elite have been working towards depopulating the world for decades now. People have been waking up to this agenda in recent years as the elite’s machinations become more open and obvious. But this is not a new phenomenon.

If you look at the people in your circle, you will notice that many people are facing fertility issues, miscarriages, and other issues like PCOD like never before. Food, environment and a few other factors could be the reason behind it, but nobody is sure about exactly what is causing these problems.

As confusing as it may be, the root cause of these problems can be traced back to one family and their globalist comrades.

The first character in this story is Nelson A. Rockefeller, a member of the third generation of the notorious Rockefeller dynasty and the brother of David Rockefeller. Nelson was the Governor of New York from 1959 to 1973, and 41st Vice President of the United States from December 19, 1974 – January 20, 1977

The second character in this story is Henry Kissinger, who was personally funded by the Rockefeller family for 15 years before he was appointed as National Security Advisor in 1969. Kissinger was also Nelson Rockfeller’s best friend and intellectual sparring partner.

In 1974, during his tenure as National Security Advisor, Kissinger prepared a top secret report and plan to control the world population, with a plan to experiment on the populations of less developed countries in Asia and Africa before rolling out the plan to the US and Europe.

This is not a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. This is a conspiracy theory in it’s truest sense. It was a criminal plan hatched by conspirators, including the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger, who by now was highly placed in the US government, to murder and enslave humanity.

These documents can all be found on US government websites.

Kissinger wrote, “The problem is more long term and complex than first appeared and that a short term burst of activity or moral fervour will not solve it.”

What does he mean that ‘Moral Fervour’ will not solve it? 

He meant that the global elites would have to take matters into their own hands.

Now let’s look at Kissinger’s recommendations. He recommended many options for long-term and short-term plans, with his priority being biomedical research.

Another short-term goal was the sterilization of men and women. In 1976, just two years after this report, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations experimented with forced sterilizations on people in India.

Officially 6.2 million Indian men were forcibly sterilized by the global elites in just a year. Almost two thousand died during these forced operations.

For the record, it wasn’t just the Rockefellers and Fords behind the “population control” experiments in India. The World Bank, SIDA, and UN Population Fund were also official partners.

Let’s go back to Kissinger’s original report again. Because this is where things begin to get really interesting and the whole picture begins to come into view.

Kissinger planned to reach rural areas of low-income countries by providing basic public health services with the help of organizations like the UN Population Fund), World Bank, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF.

Now look at this document from the WHO in which they mentioned partners and agencies which are supporting the depopulation initiative. All are similar names that we have already discussed. But there is a very new and important name on this list… The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Remember how Kissinger said biomedical research was the most important part of his plan for the depopulation agenda?

In 1985 the Rockefellers began to pump tens of millions in funds annually to the National Institute of Immunology in New Delhi India. For what? To research a vaccine to control fertility. Yes, You have heard that right. A vaccine to control fertility…

Seven years later the Rockefellers got what they wanted. A vaccine for birth control. Invented by the same above National Institute of Immunology in New Delhi in 1992. Rockefeller research funds created a
vaccine that can prevent pregnancy by administering it every six months.

In 2000, the GAVI alliance was declared, whose main funder was Bill Gates.
Who are the other partners? It’s the WHO, World Bank, and UNICEF. What does GAVI do? They provide vaccinations to less developing countries!

Does this sound familiar to Kissinger’s report? By 2000, the Rockefeller’s global depopulation program had begun. And by 2020, with the introduction of the Covid pandemic, the plan was in full swing and the elites were so pleased with themselves they just couldn’t stop talking about it.

Of course, paid propaganda journalists and so-called fact checkers will soon arrive to declare this to be a big conspiracy theory by citing references of the institutions which are clearly a part of the conspiracy against humanity.

But we have shown you the Kissinger’s original report with the depopulation plan clearly printed in black and white. We have shown you the WHO reports and the news media reports detailing the effects of the Rockefeller’s depopulation plan. You can access of these reports yourself.

This power-hungry cabal of billionaires and politicians has long plotted to enslave the masses, and now they are making their move.

But thanks to people who refuse to succumb to their brainwashing, people like you, the global elite are finding it much harder than they thought.

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