CIA Panic As Trump Prepares To Release Truth About JFK Assassination

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CIA panic as Trump promises to release JFK assassination files this week

The Central Intelligence Agency has expressed “deep concern” at President Donald Trump’s decision to release top-secret JFK assassination files next week. 

The CIA had been pressuring Trump “to block the release of some of the assassination documents on national security grounds, possibly to protect CIA tradecraft and the identity of agency informants who might still be alive.”

Sky News reports:  Ahead of the deadline, the President revealed he would be allowing the documents to see the light of day, “subject to the receipt of further information”.

The magazine Politico earlier reported that Mr Trump would almost certainly block the release of some of the files, which include documents from the FBI and CIA.

White House spokesman Lindsay Walters told Politico the administration was working “to ensure that the maximum amount of data can be released to the public”.

Mr Trump can block the disclosure on the grounds that it would harm intelligence, law enforcement, military operations or foreign relations – and there are reports the CIA is lobbying to block some of the documents.

The documents include more than 3,000 that have never been made public, and more than 30,000 that have been previously released with redactions.

Kennedy assassination experts quoted in the Washington Post say they do not think the final batch of papers contains any bombshell revelations.

But they add that the documents may reveal more about Oswald’s trip to Mexico City in September 1963, during which he met with Cuban and Soviet spies.

Despite theories claiming organised crime, Cuba or elements of the US government itself was involved, conspiracy theorists have not produced conclusive proof Oswald had co-conspirators.


  1. ” I’m just an innocent patsy “, Lee Harvey Oswald on national TV prior to his murder by Jack Rubenstein.

  2. Papers will be nothing but confirmation of what we all know
    Hopefully new names will surface and prosecutions can begin

  3. F.B.I. Boss J.Edgar Hoover, VP LBJohnson, Texas Oil, and Military Industrial Complex killed Kennedy. You trust they would rat themselves out? They were in charge of the investigation. I doubt there will be anything of substance released.

  4. Last REAL president, folks. Mo$$ad sniper if you want to end the 2ionist-controlled federal reserve and inspect the 2ionist dimona nuclear power plant. Ya, we know.

  5. lol no civil war yet, people are coward trash who are so stupid and dumbed down they will die so fast there head will spin, cowards who love operation. the world is filled with nothing more then trash.

    • are CORRECT.. THEY ARE A STUPID SPECIES…. more “bread and circus’ ” the fat lady cried ‘more bread and circus’

  6. supposedly, it was LBJ that was behind it all ………and Oswald was just the pansy – the distraction……….. but obviously, the mob was the entity that performed the hit …………Oswald’s shot was not the kill shot ……… it was the two guys behind the fence on the grassy knoll ………….Back, and to the left …….back and to the left ………….

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