European Union Voting To Lower Age Of Consent To 13

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The European Parliament will vote this week on a motion which could lower the legal age of sexual consent from 16 to 13 years of age across the European Union.

The European Parliament will vote this week on a motion which could lower the legal age of sexual consent from 16 to 13 years of age across the European Union.

Laurent Henry proposed the motion which “could free thousands of unjustly convicted prisoners” if the parliament decides to pass it.

Our prisons are filled with young men that have been robbed of their youth, condemned to rot in jail for an act that should not be a crime. Why are we denying these young men the chance to play a more positive role in modern society?”, he said before the assembly Tuesday.

Some even argue that a law on the age of consent has become superfluous and should no longer exist.

“Outdated laws”

Laws on pedophilia are outdated claims top German immigration attorney, Hans Goldsberg.

There will be the need for a consolidation of national laws under the current European system on the legal aspects of sex. Most of these national rulings don’t represent the modern social complexities of our times and are legally baseless. Some even argue that a law on the age of consent has become superfluous and should no longer exist,” claims the lawyer who has worked for more than 35 years in his field of work.

Support for the European motion also exists in the United States.

Just think about how 2,000 years ago the Greeks were a much more open society. We must remember that love between a man and a boy where not as taboo as today,” explains cultural anthropologist, Thomas Black, from the University of Michigan.

Adults who have sex with underage children now face from two to six years in prison and up to 12 years according to current European law if they have performed oral or penetrative sex.

Currently the age of consent varies by jurisdiction across Europe and is currently set between 14 and 18.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • Well, no I wasn’t wondering about that. You should though.

      But I hope you don’t vote on the basis of lies like this story. Oh.. Yes you did.

    • No. I know you voted leave because you are ignorant. You prove that by believing this fake news and doing no research whatsoever..

  1. Only the Debased Criminal Pathological Psychopathic Pedophiles could dream up and support this legislative abomination!

  2. There is a huge muslim influx into Europe now they are putting pressure on our representatives to allow paedophilia. Time to start action.

        • And there’s no non Muslim paedophiles?? Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Ian Watkins etc

        • By the sake of God, there is not a single pedophile ring among Muslims, even then that you relate it to Islam. Go clean your home.

          • “Due to its many endorsements within Islamic scripture, child marriages are permitted by the majority of Muslim scholars and leaders, and in many Islamic countries it is common practice. Pedophilic Islamic marriages are most prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed by other countries in the Middle East and Bangladesh. This practice may also be prevalent to a lesser extent amongst other Muslim communities, and is on the rise among the growing Muslim populations in many non-Muslim countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. In countries like Yemen, Bangladesh, Iran, and Northern Nigeria, attempts at reforming laws and banning child marriages have been opposed and stopped on the grounds that such a ban would be un-Islamic. 4 out of 5 Middle-Eastern women are sexually abused between the ages of 3 and 6 by family members. More than half of all Yemeni girls are married before reaching the age of puberty. With more than 3,900 children within 6 months, Indonesia tops the UN bodies list for child trafficking cases. 2,000 child sex abuse claims in 1 year at Pakistani Islamic schools, but not even 1 successful prosecution”

          • I do not believe in blind support, even if any Muslim, whosoever, commits oddities. However, blames should be vindicated. You must know Muslims do not marry before puberty and the age of puberty varies worldwide. The problem of child-abuse is not that chronic as evident throughout the Church history, even today Church authorities are bearing the child-abuses cases budget, worldwide. Throughout Europe and the U.S.A pedophile rings are the talk of the town; the Muslim world is far behind.

          • Mohammed did. Are you going to condemn Mohammed? Remember, Aisha was allowed to play with dolls because she had not yet reached puberty.

          • the difference is in islam its celebrated and accepted… outside of islam, pedophilia is a crime.. and when surfaced …typically punished.. (i say typically because the corrupt catholic church “typically” escapes punishment.. mind you… there is a definite coalition between the catholic church and islam isnt there.. funny that…

          • You are filthy and disgusting. “Muslims do not marry before puberty and the age of puberty varies…”

            So 12 is okay, if the girl has bled before. These people are sick!

          • Do not use Islam as a foil. Save million of kids from Western pedophiles. Taunting Muslims, you are wasting your potential.

          • When the majority of incidents of pedophiles abusing children lead to Muslims and Islamics as the perpetrators, no potential is wasted. The millions of abused children are laid strictly at the feet of Islam, no other group has racked up as many criminal charges in the Western World. But then, you’d love to distract the civilized world from the truth, wouldn’t you?

          • False-flag wars, lies about WMDs and killing of a million of Iraqis, pedophile rings, interest based economy, stealing wealth of nations and nations, under-development of African countries, depriving nations of their lingua franca, intrusion in the political systems of different countries and double standards are the hallmarks of the civilized world, to which you are proud of? You are just habitual to dark ages and you will revive it.

          • West can do much, yet, unable to see its face in the mirror of dark ages and even in its contemporary social chaos. Stop snatching humanity from human.

          • She might be as old as accepted by the society then. Moreover, i have posted earlier, the exact age of his wife Ayesha is disputed among Muslim researchers. Some of the critics quote authentic hadiths, in this regard, yet, chronically, according to various researchers, she was 6-9 or 17-19. As an analogy, listen carefully, for your kind information, Muslim researchers also vary in the date of birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him); some people say it was 6th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, others say it was 7-8-9-10-11th of Rabi-ul-Awwal; mostly claim it was 12th. Unfortunately, many Western critics believe just in bias and prejudice against Islam, they are used to distort issues to target Muslims, though, such tactics impact little. Neither we are the blind followers of Islam, nor the prophet.

          • Let’s be open minded. As an Israeli, ARE you sure that when it says “Married” in poorly translated English, it means “married” or “betrothed”?(Engaged to be married). Since I am no authority on the Koran (hint to you to). Maybe Mohamed betrothed her at age 8 but the final stage of marriage as being intimate with the bride was not until age 18, 17, 16? . Like you going to visit Mongolia and natch, you must expect the whole province of Mongolia to speak English with YOUR accent from East Scotland. You say : “I want to be open-minded about this. So the Mongolian says to himself “This foreigner wants to be “open-minded”, I will open his mind with my large knife” Ooops, someone got the wrong translation.

      • When Romania was talking about joining the European union There was backlash against the roma because they wanted the age of consent lowered to 13. Now only a few years later this is being spoken about again and no one says anything because they are afraid muslims will be offended. This is just a stepping stone for Muslims to get the age of consent to 9 so they can be paedophiles like the prophet Mohammad

        • Oops! Muslims are that powerful now. Do not grind your axe(s) in the name of Muslims. Huh! your double standards. When Muslims avoid such things, you declare them medievalists; now, you want to safeguard your pedophile elites taunting Muslims? Go read what has been endorsed to clergy by Vatican, in this regard; from religious authorities to actors, politicians and business class, all your segments are smeared.

          • Could say the same about the christian bible. “gods” numerous genocides including those against children, “god” impregnating a 12 year old girl, “god” commanding his followers kill everyone from towns and cities they had conquered apart from the young virgins, “gods” soldiers could take them and rape them, “god” commanding that women that have been raped should be forced to marry their rapists(unless they are married in which case they should be stoned to death). Whatever you think about Islam I can guarantee you that there is just as bad in the christian bible or the Jewish Torah

          • What was the context of when Mary became pregnant? It was the norm in Biblical times for women who reached puberty to start bearing children….. Also, she was not 12…. it is believed she was between 14-16 years old. People today live longer than in Jesus’s day. Try researching the Bible before you snip selected half lines from scripture to try to support your disbelief.

          • Context lol, are you really going to try and use “context” to justify the impregnation of a CHILD ?. Actually she was 12 pal, 12 when she conceived and 13 when she gave birth so maybe it is you that needs to go and research the bible, and canonical gospels etc. Snip selected lines from scripture ?, try comedy pal, your arguement is baseless.

          • Moses married the eldest of three sisters (none were children)
            Jesus never married and died a virgin
            Mohammed married AYESHA (nuff said – Google her)

          • Read the Quran, even once, then give comment(s). Mostly, our Western critics have secondary knowledge on Islam, otherwise, you are curious to glean primary knowledge, in almost all walks of life. Am i wrong?

          • funny you bring up the catholics.. 🙂 lets discuss that a little deeper yea? …lets see… catholics, like islam.. both outright hide, deny, defend, AND support pedophilia… simply, dont “call” it that is all… and the catholics…and their “counter parts” (islam) seem to PRETEND to …be “different” but with a little digging one can see why there are NO churches in islam dominant areas….well… that is EXCEPT a catholic church… funny that…

          • I agree with u….I am christian and I believe that the pedophile’s are the elite, some government bodies, hollyweirdos…… nevermind there is some from every every race thanks to higher authority making it okay with passing insane laws…..currently in Montreal their trying to pass that woman are not allowed to have their faces covered…how insane! Why can’t we all respect each other and love one another instead of hate and war because we all have different beliefs… let that be to God who judges!

          • I respect your thought, hoping you may be very well aware of the fact that the Quran commands Muslims to fight only those who fight them, otherwise, it is taught that deliberate killing of a human is the killing of the whole humanity. A Muslim is not supposed to kill innocent people, kids and women, neither they are allowed to destroy crops, trees and worship places of other religions. One may ask, why Islam teaches to fight? Briefly speaking, Islam is not a religion that of the Western context, as it is comprised of politics and religion, simultaneously; also, there is no political order without defense strategy. Regarding Christians, the Quran teaches us, there are soft-heart, meek and cordial Christians, those tend to weep whenever the message of God is recited before them. We are never reluctant to announce that Islam is the sequel of the message of Jesus Christ. The Quran narrates Jesus Christ almost 600 times. There is a chapter in the Quran, in the name of Mary. Moreover, according to traditions of our prophet, at the end of time, there would be a Christian-Muslim coalition that will fight their common enemy. Contemporary, we are seeing signs of this coalition, or just it is a matter of time. May God bless you. Amen!.

          • No that’s not true. Muslims are really stupid ppl that follow Satan. They are uneducated and ignorant. In breeding is rampant in islam. That is why muslims don’t allow debate. Because they will lose. muslims are the only religion that endorses and invites men to rape children. The only one!

          • Had you gleaned primarily, you would never have accused of Islam and Muslims, such. Please read the Quran once by yourself and then commence a “debate”. Propaganda, brainwashing and pre-occupied mentality is prompting the Western white supremacists towards a new dark-age.

          • I understand that Islam is a satanic, murderous, goat humping, beheading, political ideology. It isn’t even a religion. Furthermore, Your group is the most murderous and satanic group of people on planet earth.

          • You are naming it your understanding; it’s just poisoning the well. Socrates had rightly said “an abuser either abuses or tend to be abused”.

          • Spreading ignorance they want to switch-off a torch, so that there should be darkness all around. They have nothing more to offer except White supremacy. White racists used Christianity, industrialization, colonialism, freedom, liberty and so-called modernism, just to extort humanity. Having empty gadgets they are taunting others for their child-abuse church and Western pedophile rings. Enjoying cheap leisure of beach, wine and a blonde, while their elites are enacting pedophilia. God!, save their children.

          • Had Muslim(s) rushed to the Moon, they would spit and pass urine there. It is ample to understand that Muslims do not believe in any moon god. Ask it to the people, who consider the Moon their god. Would they like to piss on the crust of their god?

          • Seems America and Russia spent their economy and brains on rushing to the “moon-god. The poor starved.

          • Yes. It is considered noble, valued and open-minded to “know” just a minute bit of ALL things in their Western World. They “Know” nothing, just memorize a few snippets of facts about everything under and above the sun. To KNOW means to fully indulge intellectually until the knowledge is digested well and becomes part and parcel of a person’s very being, her/his soul.

      • why not… its the root of this current issue.. after all.. even its pedoprophet advocated such idiocy…

        • Spreading ignorance you want to switch-off a torch, so that there should be darkness all around. You have nothing more to offer except White supremacy. White racists used Christianity, industrialization, colonialism, freedom, liberty and so-called modernism, just to extort humanity. Having empty gadgets you are taunting others for your child-abuse church and Western pedophile rings. Enjoy cheap leisure of beach, wine and a blonde, while your elites are enacting pedophilia. Go, save your children.

      • Give up dude…no one cares if it’s fake or not. They’re all hyped up on Muslim hate. Ignorance will be the downfall of the human race

  3. An attempt to legalise paedophilia. Who lobbied for the law to be changed?
    I am not aware of a widespread public demand for change.

  4. If your parts work, use them. Can’t agree with the commentators on this one. The most successful people did all the vices 10 years earlier, every single time, PERIOD. 100% tried and true, undeniable fact! Love it or hate it!!

    Also lower the legal age to 16. Enough of the 18/21/25/30/40 bullshit. Time to bring back responsibility across the board.

  5. This is fake news. Ignore it. There isn’t even an MEP called Laurent Henry and there is nothing on the agenda.

  6. Yes, sure the main problem is native European “child” marriages.

    Not the matter of certain Prophet the al-Insān al-Kāmil (the perfect human marrying Aisha at six, raping this little girl at nine years of age when he was 54 also being an uswa hasana (an excellent model of conduct) for the worlds largest personality cult.

    • Do not try to be smart enough, her age is disputed, according to traditions she was 6, 9, 17 and 19; for your ease you are sticky just to 6-9. The prophet was among the leaders of his clan and region, women were not run short for him, even then, no one, including non-Muslims criticize his character during his life. Do not run your shops defaming Islam and Muslims, please.

      • Liar. Her age is NOT disputed, unless you are an apostate who denies the authenticity of the Sahih Hadith that cite Aisha’s age at marriage and when she was raped.
        You maybe a “Koran Only” believer, but such is not mainstream Islam and runs contrary to accepted Islamic Jurisprudence.
        As an apologist you are appalling – if you find child rape disgusting you are at least a moral human being, which is more than can be said for the debauched bandit who founded Islam.

        • A Muslim is not liable to lie, because he/she neither worships personalities and clergy, nor hides facts like White racists and apartheid Jews. One who does not believe in Hadith, is not an apostate, for your clarity. Do not assume that i do not believe in Hadiths. We do not apologize either the teachings of Islam or the practices of our Prophet. Why an apology? Think, howsoever, being a pitiable brainwashed, you have your way of life and we have ours. See, how tonny blair is apologizing, now, over a decade ago dethroned Hamas and blind support of Israel. Recall, how collin powel apologized, as the U.S.A lied, regarding Iraq’s WMDs. You, White supremacist, are teaching me human values and waking my conscience?

          • Liar again. A Muslim may lie, it is the doctrine of taqiyya.

            You are ridiculous.

            No school of Islamic Jurispudence permits any Muslim to reject sahih hadith.

            You are an appalling apologist for your depraved paedophile prophet, the man worshiped by the personality cult that is Islam, a man so transparently immoral that the only name in the Islamic confession of faith, is his.

            Islam is idolatrous paganism that bows to a black stone idol five times a day.

            BTW Mohammed was white.

          • You have not primary knowledge and understanding of Islam, so, you are not connecting the dots orderly. In Islam, there is no room for taqiyya. We do not bow to any stone. Even Vatican has accepted “Islam is the first among the monotheistic religions”. If character is anything, the Western civilization, especially the White supremacists are far from morality and ethics. Read the book “How West Underdeveloped Africa”. Do not throw stones, while living in a glass house. Stop your white lies.

          • Try to avoid responding to him with further racist comment eh. I know these racists are frustrating but don’t let them drag you into their gutter.

          • What a nonsense quote, from whom, the Vatican is just a building and the pope is just a dude in a silly hat.
            Islam is pagan polytheism, the bowing to the Black Meteorite is actually the same process as the pagan Greeks bowing to another Black Meteorite idol in the temple of Diana, there is absolutely no difference but bluster from the lie that Islam is monotheistic.
            Again Mohammed was a white man. He was a bandit and a slave trader who valued a white Arab at twice that of a black man, blacks who he called raisin heads and the image of Satan. Islam was slaving in Africa centuries before Europe, and is still wrecking Africans lives today.
            This same Mohammed is the man-god-idol of Islam, a proven fact because Islam takes offence to the point of demanding a blood sacrifice if this long dead man is insulted, rioting, and killing for a dead man. Making Human sacrifices on behalf of Mohammed. This ACTION again is far louder than bluster of Islam’s laughable claim to be monotheistic. Islam is pagan polytheism, and Islam proves this FACT again and again by what it does.

          • Data? Everything I have said is factual. The Islamic texts say what they say. History differs. Hence the Koran is a proven forgery, and Mecca did not exist (except as a tiny settlement) in the C7th.

          • Either you are doing propaganda or you are a victim of propaganda. Do not the shut doors of knowledge.

  7. We are being run by a load of pedophiles running the show for there own filthy lust, things have got to change in this world it is becoming more evil by the day.

  8. This is a direct result of the EU complying with those pushing Sharia Law. Who will protect our children? If everyday citizens don’t, no one will.

  9. My first inclination is to think this is an issue now because of the Muslims who have invaded Europe, however, I must say there are many pedophiles all over the world who are not Muslims, so we can’t just blame them. These others are from all walks of life, and of every race and religion. They are in all countries. Hollywood and government people are heavily involved. They are sick people who need to be locked away from children for life.

    • Pardon please, the history of pedophiles is older than Muslims’ influx to Europe, you must read European history. from dark ages to contemporary post-modernity. Do not allow the pedophile rings by making Muslims the scapegoat.

      • Pedophilia has been around since Biblical times before Islam even existed, however, the Muslims accept it do they not? Marrying young girls is wrong. All pedophiles, no matter who they are need to be incarcerated for life.

  10. you
    may vote whatever abomination you please, but any perverse out there
    closing any near my loved ones WILL GET A BULLET from me, or be
    castrated without anesthesia and butchered on the spot with my sword!!

  11. And 2000 years ago, humans were still dying at an average ripe old age of 30. And women were property. And kings were merely the strongest bully in the area. And it took years to get from Great Britain to Asia. Sheesh, idiots abound who still think the Earth is flat, FFS. Who ever wants to allow children to have sex with adults is either barbaric or a pedophile – neither of which deserve a place in our society.

  12. Clearly. the Dhimmi Europeans, are submitting to the pressure being put on them, by their rapidly growing and terror inclined, Muslim minority. The Europeans have sold out their culture and Judeo/Christians values, because they have lost the will and the courage to fight.

    A Muslim minority, which often has multiple wives and also has a predilection to marry minors, even prepubescents, modeling themselves after their ‘for profit’ prophet, Muhammad. Muhammad married his prepubescent bride, Aisha, when she was 6 years of age and consummated the marriage when she was 9.

    This perverse, morally corrupt Muslim culture folks, is what our liberal moral relativists and multiculturalists tell us is equal to ours. A moral relativism which is destroying Western Europe and is rapidly en route to destroying Canada and the U.S. as well.

    Yes, Sunni ways, Justin Trudeau, Sunni ways.

  13. False…the EU is not voting to lower the age of consent. -

    However, in many countries in Europe the age of consent is already as low as 14, including Germany. -

  14. There’s a reason why the act of pedophilia is outlawed in more modern Western culture. Children aren’t supposed to have sex. Their brains aren’t fully developed yet to fully understand all the consequences and even dangers that can happen. Also if a young girl gets pregnant, the baby is more at risk for developmental issues of both mental and physical. Lastly what this does to a child mentality can be devastating with long term lasting effects!

  15. Wow western people is crazy people. Fuck you western people, first gay and lesbian now this! You are sick people. And you try to destroy all culture in the name of democratic! 🙁

  16. These pedophiles all like to refer back to the Greeks….. You notice their society is no longer a ruling nation in the world…. and neither is the Roman Empire…. because of the sexual perversion they allowed to spread among the people.

  17. Our ideas of what Greek society was like come to us from just a handful of authors. And you know what those authors almost all had in common? They were all wealthy aristocrats. Yeah, that’s right. We’re basing our ideas on what was considered ‘normal’ in Ancient Greece on their version of Hollywood. If you actually think the Greek farmer in his field was going home at the end of the day and having sex with young boys, you probably also believe Brokeback Mountain was a documentary.

  18. Not only the child molesters and NAMBLA members, but the Muslims will also be loving this since they enjoy raping little children, and now they won’t be charged with a crime for it… assuming any Muslim in Europe has ever been charged with such a crime, which I highly doubt.

  19. THEY r talking about young men in prison that is not y they want to change it 40yr old men w/ a 13 ANY ADULT W/ A 13 YR OLD IS SICK. DONT LET THEM MAKE IT LEGAL.

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