Putin Gives Powerful Speech Exposing The New World Order

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President Putin's powerful speech exposing the New World Order

In this powerful speech recorded a few years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin exposes the real face of the New World Order. 

According to the video’s description:

When the West expands its EEU and NATO borders Eastwards breaking treaty after treaty, as in the Warsaw pact, the non nuclear proliferation treaty, disregards international law and the Geneva conventions, including double standards on its UN power to veto – it does it all under the mantra of diversifying economic markets, if Russia was to expand West, thorough some “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership of their own”, for example, into Wales, Scotland, Mexico or Equator, that with certainty would be classified as a threat to national security.

Where is the West’s outrage for the war crimes in Donetsk and Lugansk or even Gaza? Maybe David Cameron’s new “short notice international defense task force” should start there.

As far as the US president, he does not represent freedom, justice and grass roots America, but rather surveillance, corporate interests and tech wars instead, taking all of the other US invaded nations along with it. If we cast our minds back to Germany in 1943 life was actually pretty good – if you were a Nazi that is, the problem was – in not being a Nazi. Do we all need to become Americans?

I am sure Hitler also meant well in promoting freedom and prosperity probably making similar claims like, “if you´re not with us you´re against us” or ambiguous statements for “change” and then we saw what happened.

Any well informed person will know that the only reason the West is protecting Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine is because he will be a new puppet president character to be controlled and paid for by the West to be used for US interests.

I guess it was no hyperbole when the author meant “the wicked Witch of the West.”

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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