Clinton machine attacking Benghazi whistleblower Ray Maxwell

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‘Following the allegation by a former State Department bigwig on Sunday that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff may have obstructed justice by “sorting” documents regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack that were to be turned over to the Accountability Review Board (ARB), the Clinton political machine and her sycophants are jumping to her defense, according to several news and commentary websites.

According to an Examiner news story, the ARB was investigating the alleged missteps by the Obama administration especially those by the State Department, and Clinton’s top aides were allegedly told to set aside any documents that would hurt her politically so that they were never turned over to ARB investigators.

The whistleblower who came forward, Raymond Maxwell, was Hillary Clinton’s deputy secretary, and his coming forward has caused an intense circling of the wagons to protect the Democratic Party’s heir apparent to the White House.

“Anyone who knows anything about the Clintons knows that they are ruthless as are their minions who include a large number of the denizens of American newsrooms. The Clintons believe in ‘take-no-prisoners’ politics as was proven in the 1990’s when any woman who alleged Bill Clinton sexually harassed or assaulted them was immediately smeared, denigrated and harassed for blowing the whistle on Bill,” said former police detective and sex crimes investigator Nora L. Slattery.

Almost immediately after the news broke regarding Maxwell’s allegations regarding the Benghazi cover up, the Clinton machine jumped into action. The conspiracy against Maxwell and those who allowed him to tell his story was quickly initiated, Slattery stated. “I know people will claim there’s no conspiracy, but remember that the right hand doesn’t have to know what the left hand is doing for there to be a conspiracy.’

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