‘The American People Are Sick and Tired’ – Gen Flynn Says GOP Elite Are in for a Rude Awakening

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Gen Flynn says the American people are sick and tired of the GOP elite

Gen. Michael Flynn has issued a stark warning to the GOP establishment who think things are going to go back to normal now that Trump is out of office.

In an exclusive interview with The Western Journal, Gen. Flynn warned that the 70 million+ group of loyal Trump voters are prepared to turn their backs on the Republican Party if they fail to support Trump’s bid for reelection in 2024.

“Donald Trump was an authentic guy. I used to introduce him at rallies in the 2016 campaign as the most imperfect, and I’ll say that again, as the most imperfect candidate you’re ever going to vote for to be president of the United States,” Flynn told the outlet.

Thefederalistpapers.org reports: It was a jarring statement. Not hostile, incorrect or in any way antagonistic, but something of a surprise note from a loyal, if short-lived, fixture in the early administration of former President Donald Trump. By all accounts, both left- and right-wing, unwillingness to hold the line had served as an unofficial grounds for excommunication from the Trump camp.

For a prominent ally to emphasize the former president’s flaws was hardly commonplace — but Flynn had a tune to play, and he intended to play it with the highs and the lows intact.

“Donald Trump is not a perfect guy. He never said he was. What he is, is he’s tough. He’s not an establishment guy. He’s a Washington outsider,” Flynn went on.

“And that’s what the American people wanted then, that’s what they wanted in 2020 and I believe in 2024, if we are able to have a free, fair and transparent election.”

The remarks came at the close of an hour-long Western Journal feature interview that saw the general let loose on establishment Republicans for steering back into the status quo at the close of the Trump era.

With Democratic cannons trained on the GOP in light of a deadly Capitol Hill election fraud protest on Jan. 6, longstanding members of the congressional establishment unveiled their escape plan, more than ready to cut the Trump coalition anchors they had long ago deemed dead weight.

Among the escape artists was Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, whose rumored support for a second Trump impeachment left fellow Republicans whispering behind closed doors for several days, many waiting on the House Republican Conference Chair to make a move and provide cover for their own vote to charge the president. When the high-dollar fundraiser finally announced in favor of the proceedings, others waded in behind her.

The decision only served to exacerbate Republican infighting, setting the stage for a days-long quarrel between Cheney, freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and a number of other anti-establishment caucus members.

When the dust settled and the dirt had been flung, however, impeachment had passed the House with 10 Republicans voting in favor, and neither Greene nor Cheney was punished by the federal party.

Instead, Greene saw her committee assignments stripped by the Democratic House majority. Cheney, on the other hand, saw her position strengthened, as secret ballot saw the House GOP vote in favor of her continued leadership by a margin of 145-61.

“We should not be embracing the former president,” Cheney told Fox News in light of the vote. “That is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward.”

Flynn was quick to deride establishment figures for this type of behavior Tuesday, telling The Western Journal that “the establishment is not a good place to be” in the coming 2022 and 2024 Republican primaries.

“If you’re defined as an establishment candidate in the 2024 presidential election, I don’t believe that’s going to happen. I actually don’t believe it’s going to happen too much in the 2022 congressional elections. I mean, look at what they just did to Liz Cheney up in Wyoming, you know, for what she did,” Flynn said.

“I think that the American people, like I said, I think they’re just absolutely tired of everything that they’ve seen in our political establishment. And so if you’re defined in the establishment, woe betide you in this next set of elections.”

According to a Jan. 15-17 Morning Consult poll of 4,400 GOP voters with a margin of error of +/-1 percentage points, roughly 79 percent still supported President Trump in light of favorability dips resulting from the Jan. 6 incursion on the Capitol.

Another 69 percent were found “less likely to vote for a senator who convicts Trump” in a Feb. 5-7 poll of 1,213 likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points from the left-wing Vox/Data for Progress, a reality that lends considerable support to Flynn’s suggestion the GOP establishment may be in for a reckoning.

“What I do know is what I’m hearing and what I’m listening to and what I’m watching from the American people is the American people are sick and tired of the political games and the political nonsense that we have faced,” he said.

Record Republican turnout in the 2020 presidential election had handed Trump more than 74 million votes, with thousands turning out for the incumbent’s famed campaign rallies, even in throws of a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Flynn went on to tell The Western Journal this loyal support was the result of one thing. It was not shrewd politicking or even policy success that expanded the Republican coalition, the general said. It was “authenticity.”

And if the Republican Party was to prevent a voter exodus, it would need to retain that authenticity, with or without Trump at the helm.

“Whether or not Trump will run in 2024, I have no idea,” Flynn said. “I will tell you that I’ve had many, many conversations in just the last couple of weeks — and certainly over the last couple of years, but certainly the last couple of weeks — about who’s next. You know, ‘Will he or she be viable to be the next president of the United States?’”

“I’m going to tell you what. One of the things that Donald Trump gave the United States of America was authenticity. Donald Trump was an authentic guy,” the general added.

“People want authentic leadership and leaders do matter. And I do believe that going forward, they’re going to look for that authenticity in the people that they vote for.”


  1. They’re brainwashed and totally scientifically predictable Its that simple They know they wont revolt because they have t got a leader And because the only time any revolution succeeds is when the establishment run it anyway .Often from overseas Theres never been a genuine people or peasants revolt Its all a crock of propaganda .

    • I can almost guarantee that’s not going to happen. They’re already ‘accidentally’ saying the Harris administration. THEY know what they have planned. And it’s not just 1.9 trillion in covid spending.

      • According to the US Constitution, 2Conservative, Legs Up Ho Harris is unqualified for the post of POTUS (She isn’t even qualified for VP, to be exact). She’s NOT a natural born US citizen, as her parents were NOT US citizens when she was born. The Constitution’s quite clear on this fact. Only natural born US citizens age 35 and up and without any felonies on their records are eligible to run for POTUS, period.

    • He did finally get a pardon and his brother got a big promotion. I don’t trust him anymore. The US Military is probably the most corrupt institution in America.

      • Flynn knew what the out come was going to be when he agreed to play the victim. DC is a stage of actors playing their part.

      • Kay Griggs story, you should watch that interview. Her interview rings true today. She did a 4 hour long interview in 1998. and it fits and rings so true it was like she made the interview yesterday.
        She talks about so many things that put the pieces of the puzzle together.


      Pretty much agree L. GAROU. It absolutely amazes me, and depresses me that people like Flynn and every day citizens are still talking about the “power of elections”. That power is gone!!!! POOF!!! Everyone of decent character knows the real answer and that too seems almost impossible as well.

      No one I see anywhere with a set of tennis balls to take the lead, who will then lead patriots to ensure those thousands and thousands of dominion machines are not used again but rather destroyed and new ones are built and secure. Who is going to do that? What army General Flynn???? To un-rig something this vast and corrupt takes some very determined effort in the next 24 or 48 months. I see no group of people, military or otherwise dedicated to doing this every single day – day and day out.


  2. What good would Trump running in 2024 accomplish. Surely the Commies could fraud the vote even more if necessary. If he got 100% of the vote he still wouldn’t win. But also why bother voting for someone who could have unleashed the military on all the traitors but didn’t. Maybe he is one of them anyway. So if he won in 2024 it would be because THEY want him to. And everyone can overdose on hopium for 4 years.

  3. Elections a invalid with mail-in voting. The Black cochus is all over that stuff. Money talks and White Americans walk.

  4. No. The military needs to do a Myanmar. Period. They are our final defense against the election fraud etcetera. If that doesn’t happen I’m out. I’m a 70 year old ex history teacher….. never did I ever consider such a thing. But, why bother. I’ll live my life away from their shitshows.

  5. Gen. Flynn is delusional. Other than further convincing Qtards that Trump has a remote shot at the Presidency in 2024 the rest of us are finished with Trump. He had his chance. He blew it big time. Maybe Flynn is sincere. Maybe he truly tried to save America. Maybe not. Either way, the only reason Trump is not President right now is because Trump backed down, not because the Democrats and Rino Republicans were wiser. This country is finished. Kaput. There is no coming back. All there is is preparing for civil war and a violent revolution. The election was stolen. Voter fraud ran rampant. And Trump did nothing. Where was this fight 6 months ago Flynn? All these guys are all bark and no bite. Trump especially. Drain the Swamp? Really? Put them all in jail? Really? It’s time to start a third party no matter what these dolts say. The Republicans and Democrats are both the same vile pieces of filth. The ‘good ones’ that may be left in both parties need to leave or they will be steamrolled with the rest. If Trump wants to salvage his image he needs to abandon the Republican Party and form his own party. The people are finished with the 2 party system. And if Trump insists to back the Republicans well we’ll have our answer on where is loyalties actually lie, won’t we?

  6. If Trump was tough he would have invoked section 253 of the Insurrection Act and stopped the riots, lockdowns and vote fraud. He would have also invoked his executive order on foreign interference in our elections. Another thing a really tough president would have done is invoked The Harboring Act, deported the illegals and broke the back of the sanctuary movement by imprisoning all the politicians who encouraged illegals to come to this country illegally. Trump isn’t tough. He appointed the swamp to his administration. As for General Flynn, after letting him stew for 4 years Trump pardoned him finally and the Generals brother got a big promotion. The country got 2 billion in riot damage, millions of unemployed and homeless while Trump fiddled around. Not a tough man. A very weak man and weak President. Now the country is in the hands of a demented pedophile who is totally compromised by the Chinese. Nope! Trump was not tough. If he was he would be President and serving his second term.

  7. time for you people to watch the Kay Griggs interview. really eye opening. she did it in 1998, and it is so relevant today it is astonishing. We are being lied to. and Flynn is part of it.

  8. General Flynn means that the game is up. Conservative Americans, are no longer interested in McConnell type faux leadership. He’s never done a single thing for conservative causes that actually matter in making the U.S. a better place. He needs to be removed from his position by the people of Kentucky for whom he is utterly toxic.

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