BOMBSHELL: FBI Investigating Lincoln Project’s ‘Sickening’ Pedophilia Scandal

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FBI launch investigation into Lincoln Project's pedophilia scandal

The FBI has launched an investigation into the sickening pedophilia allegations against Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver.

According to journalist Yashar Ali, the bureau is looking into whether Weaver “ever behaved inappropriately” with “underage boys”:

The FBI is investigating allegations against longtime GOP political consultant and Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver, according to two sources who said they were contacted by FBI agents. Those sources told me the agents inquired whether Weaver ever touched them inappropriately or sent or requested sexually explicit material when they were underage.

The FBI asking potential witnesses about allegations of illegal conduct does not necessarily mean that someone is the subject or a target of a federal investigation. It’s also unclear what the scope of the FBI’s inquiry is; the sources who spoke to me said the questions they were asked were narrow in scope.

There have been numerous credible allegations from Weaver’s victims about how he abused his position at the anti-Trump group to groom boys as young as 14. reports: Anyone in the establishment media or the political establishment that feigns surprise over 1) the Lincoln Project funneling millions to themselves or 2) that John Weaver allegedly abused his authority to harass and groom young men and at least one boy, is lying to you.

Everyone knew who and what these grifters were and are all about. Normally I would take great joy in these monsters suckering $90 million out of gullible leftists, but during a pandemic and economic recession, even I’m not that heartless.

As far as Weaver’s alleged predations, according to Karl Rove, this has been an open secret in D.C. for decades.

If Rove knew, how is it that Rove’s protégé and Lincoln Project cofounder Steve Schmidt didn’t?

What’s more, according to the Associated Press, the Lincoln Project had, in their hands, all the way back in June, a whole list of sexual misconduct complaints against Weaver. They did nothing other than to shield him. He wasn’t even put on leave until August.

The Lincoln Project is a cabal of evil, greedy grifters willing to look the other way in order to line their pockets… Hey what’s a 14-year-old boy compared to a new house and speedboat!

Everyone in D.C. and the media knew all about all of this and allowed it to happen because preying on kids is okay with the media and D.C. establishment. The entire establishment will band to together for decades to shield a Jeffrey Epstein for however long he remains useful to the establishment cause.


  1. I’m so tired of the game playing with sexual assault allegations so easy to make and so hard to disprove. The facts still are that americas Justice system failed from tbe time of the assassination of a Lincoln and HAS NEVER been anything except corrupt since .Its that simple and anyone who thinks they have a n honest system is utterly naive stupid and absolutely a basic moron .In fact it was corrupt from the foundation of the Constitution .Really, to be honest .

  2. We need new Church Committee hearings so we can learn if the lost souls of the cia are conducting pedo black mail operations on US citizens. If so, why, and where are the children?

  3. ROFL “Investigating” means COVERUP with the CORRUPT FBLIE! Prissy Chrissy WRAY smashed PED0 HillyWITCH’s PHONES and SANITIZED Jeffy EPSTEIN’s island yet called a father of two in FLORIDA a Pedo with NO CRIMINAL RECORD. BALONEY! Glad that guy got FIVE of those BASTARDS FIRST! Lookup Alexander Solzenitzien and what he warned of. Wray should be EXECUTED and the FBLIE DEFUNDED!

  4. Nothing will happen especially if any are members of the US Navy who now have to acknowledge and celebrate all lifestyles.

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