Lincoln Project Compiling ‘Most Wanted’ List of Trump Officials: They Must Face Retribution

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Lincoln project compiling list of Trump officials to send to the gulag

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project is compiling a Nazi-style ‘Most Wanted’ list of Trump officials and staffers with the aim of holding those people “accountable” for associating with the President, according to Stuart Stevens, a RINO operative who works with the Lincoln Project.

Stevens revealed the dastardly plan to create a pro-Trump blacklist in a public tweet Saturday.

“At @ProjectLincoln we are constructing a database of Trump officials & staff that will detail their roles in the Trump administration & track where they are now,” he stated.

“No personal info, only professional. But they will be held accountable & not allowed to pretend they were not involved.” reports: He didn’t say when the database would go live or how the group will make it accessible to the public.

The Lincoln Project actively campaigned against President Trump during the presidential election and supported Democrat candidates during the Georgia runoff elections this month. The group, whose founders include Steve Schmidt and George Conway, became the darling of the left-wing elite, which embraced the group and showered it with donations.

The revelation of the database has already sparked criticism from some prominent conservative media figures. Fox News’s Brit Hume replied, “This will not end well.”

Commentator Tammy Bruce compared the effort to the Star of David patches that Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust.

The database seems to bear a spiritual resemblance to the short-lived Trump Accountability Project, an effort promoted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that was intended to publicly ostracize Trump administration officials and staffers. The project was abandoned after it received backlash from public figures across the political spectrum.

In November, Lincoln Project leaders attempted to publicly shame two attorneys working with President Trump on claims of voter fraud by posting their photos on Twitter. Those tweets later vanished after it was determined they violated Twitter policy.

As Breitbart News reported, the group also pledged to spend $500,000 on ads to shame Jones Day and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur for their role as counsel to President Trump and the Republican Party.


    • Yes, Debbie I do. Do You. know who the following people are, (1.) George Soros, (2.) Mike Bloomberg, ( 3.) Tom Steyer, (4.) Dustin Mokovitz, (5.) Fre Eychanter, (6.) Jim Simmons, (7.) The Rothchilds, (8. ) Jeffrey Katzenberg, ( 9. ) Steve Mostyn, ( 10.) Harold Simons, (11.) Irwin Jacobs. Do you know what these mega Globalist/ Commie donors to the Demorat Party have in common ?

  1. It would seem then, that it would be OK for the deplorables to make a list of evreryone involved in the never Trump movement and take the appropriate actions against them. Are these people of character and integrity, or is there a buck in it for them?

  2. I would dearly loved to been able to associate with our President and be on this list, but alas as a peon in the crowd

    i’m not. I think today is so much different from the 30’s and bidet’s sturmgruppen will find a problem rounding up their A-listers.

  3. These people are the Antifa of the Conservative Right but – they are AGAINST the Right. I almost got into a fight in a bar with some A-hole member of “The Lincoln Project”. He asked me if I knew of it. Look them up. They are a false flag (Antifa in suits) that supposedly is for the Republican Party. If anything, they represent the money loving Hebrews that despise ANY religious influence in America and esp within the GOP. They must be exposed as traitors against the First Ammendment and busted up. Bad actors all.

  4. Here is our list:

    The top contributors are classical musician and Getty family heir Gordon Getty ($1 million),[58] Stephen Mandel ($1 million);[59] and the Sixteen Thirty Fund ($300,000).[58] Six-figure contributions from Hollywood producer David Geffen, investor John Pritzker and financier Jonathan Lavine.[58]

    As you can see, mostly Atheist Hebrews that DESPISE Christians and wants to suppress their influence in the GOP and in America generally.

    Other major donors include Silicon Valley investors Ron Conway, Michael Moritz and Chris Sacca, financier Andrew Redleaf, Walmart heiress and philanthropist Christy Walton, Martha Karsh (who is married to billionaire financier Bruce Karsh), and Continental Cablevision CEO Amos Hostetter Jr.[59][57]

  5. Can we make a list of people who support BLM……oh no, then you would be labeled as being against black lives

  6. Have at it you blustering morons. Maybe you like to feel what a 308 can do to your body at close range. Close, so we don’t miss !

  7. CFP has an article describing Weaver (co-founder of Lincoln Project) as offering jobs to young men in return for sex.

    • No surprise there. Seems all leftists are kiddie diddlers. BejingBiden liked having kids touch him.

  8. IMHO, as of January 20, The ‘Designated Survivor’ scenario is America’s ONLY hope.
    Total Congress wipeout, CWII, dig huge holes, lots of wood-chippers, start over.

  9. Publish the list, the best counter to cancel culture is to support anything they say needs to be cancelled.

    I am not against boycotts, we need to join that however this feeling that we can force others to cancel others is evil, it is a brown shirt tactic.

  10. Seems they began with Kellyanne Conway. I cannot fathom how she continues to live with that fat pig face of a soy-boy husband of hers.

  11. They started with Kellyanne Conway, with her pig faced husband using their daughter to apply leverage to step down as advisor. I cannot believe she continues to support that marriage.

  12. Cool, I want to be on that list. I support Trump, freedom and liberty. I also support the constitution and will never submit/obey any of the lefts tyrannical progressive laws/edicts or EO’s. Hey lefties, you made me your enemy when you took my freedom via the unconstitutional ACA law. Come after me please. I need a new hobby.

  13. A POPULAR VOTE will clean the sytem somewhat of these wast our moneys broken system TIC TIC BUM BUMS hidding as our goverment.A commisioned deal inside sets you up for life and you get the kickback book deal for 10 million after you kiss thier arrses for a lifetime warner CBS record deal retirement home

  14. They need to decommission themeselfs from the 200 pardens and the kickbacks before we have a real goverment that gives a rats arres about ME OR YOU

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