Trump Trolls The Liberal Media: The Meaning Of ‘Covfefe’ Revealed

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President Trumps covfefe tweet went viral and tricked mainstream media into launching yet another full frontal assault on his character.

President Trump’s midnight “covfefe” tweet went viral around the world and tricked mainstream media into launching yet another full frontal assault on his character and professionalism.

“Covfefe” was President Trump’s rope-a-dope tactic, luring the mainstream media into an attack. They thought they had him on the ropes. He goaded them into throwing tiring, ineffective punches.

By the next morning the internet had exploded with mainstream media speculation, memes, jokes, and mockery from liberal pundits intent on using the apparent mistake to paint their president as a buffoon.

But as usual, President Trump had the last laugh. Mainstream media pundits walked straight into Trump’s trap. He has outsmarted them yet again.

It has been revealed that the midnight tweet wasn’t a mistake at all, but actually a passionate rallying cry against the mainstream media. It was an assurance that the president will not be bullied by the mouthpiece of the establishment elite.


What does covfefe mean?

On Thursday Sean Spicer said, cryptically, “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.”

Spicer’s hint set off an internet covfefe hunt, and clever users figured out that “covfefe” translates directly into Arabic as “I will stand up“. So with that translation, the midnight tweet actually says:


Click this link to Google Translate to see the proof for yourself:’fe

Sean Spicer wasn’t kidding when he said certain people will know what it means.

This was a message from President Trump to the Arabic world that they should not be fooled by the American mainstream media into thinking he is weak. It was a message from Trump declaring that he will stand up for what he has committed to do – for the American people, for peace in the Middle East (despite John McCain’s best efforts to promote war there) and for all good people around the world.

It was ingenious. President Trump got a hashtag of the phrase “I will stand up” in Arabic to trend worldwide.

Let that sink in.

The timing was perfect. The tweet was sent 10 minutes after the Kabul car bombing. This was for them. President Trump saved the tweet to be sent after the next big terror attack against Muslims.

It was also tweeted just before the morning news cycle in the Arabic world, at around 4:30am Saudi time. This makes sense because Trump gets into the US news cycle by tweeting at around 4:30am Eastern time. By the time it was deleted in the morning US time, the Arabic world had seen the tweet all day.

Then the American media proceeded to push the hashtag for 24 more hours, using “covfefe” as an excuse to publish yet more hit pieces on the president.

Little did they know they were in the process of being trolled. President Trump has had the last laugh.

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