Freedom Convoy Braces For ‘False Flag’ As Truckload of 3500 Guns ‘Goes Missing’ In Ontario

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A truckload of 3500 guns and magazines was stolen Sunday morning in Peterborough, Ontario according to police reports.

The Freedom Convoy in Ontario is bracing for a “false flag” attack by the establishment elites after a truckload of 3500 firearms and magazines was stolen early Sunday morning in Peterborough.

The establishment, led by unpopular Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been trying to sway public opinion against the truckers and the Freedom Convoy. However, the establishment has failed miserably in this endeavor, with a current poll indicating just 16% of Canadians are prepared to vote for Trudeau.

The Freedom Convoy is now bracing for foul play from the elites, with reports from the camp indicating many believe a “false flag” attack is currently in the works, designed to reclaim the narrative and reflect badly on the truckers.

Information regarding the truckload of weapons remains thin on the ground, however Peterborough Police Service said in a press release that “more than 2,000 firearms with clips” were reported to be in the truck.

The Star report: Very few details were included in the release and a detective assigned to the case would not comment further, despite publicly-posted recordings of what appear to be police dispatches detailing the theft.

A senior policing source confirmed that a trailer full of long guns had been stolen and had not been located.

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, police were called to a trucking company on Parkhill Road East “after reports a truck carrying a quantity of firearms was stolen from the yard,” Peterborough police said in a press release. No ammunition was believed to be on board, it said.

While it is early in the investigation, it is believed this is an isolated incident,” Peterborough police said in the release, adding that other law enforcement agencies across the province have been notified.

The Star contacted a trucking company located on the road mentioned by the police, and named in the police dispatches.

I don’t know anything about it, I’m sorry,” said a man who answered the Star’s call Sunday morning. He then hung up as a reporter was in the process of providing details from the online posts, which the police would not confirm Sunday.

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