“Have You Declared Martial Law?” Tulsi Gabbard Aks President Biden

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Former US congresswoman and one-time presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has asked Joe Biden if he had declared martial law

Her question came after it was revealed that thousands of troops stationed in the capitol are to there until March and until Democrats’ second attempt at impeachment of President Trump is complete.

Gabbard decried “the militarization of our nation’s capital,” during an appearance on Fox news and blasted the new White House administration for making it appear that Washington, DC was somehow under siege and in need of an “enduring presence of thousands of National Guard troops.”

Summit News reports: While asserting that troops had been “mistreated” after they were made to sleep on cement floors, the former Congresswoman said that the 25,000 troops used to occupy the capital was a massive overreaction given there was no evidence of an imminent attack.

“The militarization of our nation’s capital was not only uneccesary…to send that message both to the American people but to the world that somehow our nation’s capital us under attack and threat of a siege of taking over, I just don’t think that’s the message that we want to send to the American people and to the world,” she said.

The military veteran said there was no justification for keeping 5,000 troops in the capital, asking, “What is it that they are trying to accomplish now by creating an enduring presence? That sounds a lot like a lot of the stuff that we’ve seen happen overseas.”

Gabbard also called out Rep. Adam Schiff, who she said is “advocating for targeting half the country as potential domestic terrorists.”


  1. I’m pretty sure that at some stage in the past when America was under martial law that they never actually actually legally revoked that status ,but instead just pretended to Again its,another secret that is dangerous to their ” theatre of operations ” Anorher possible truth that they so loathe Satan the great deceiver. Renin7scent if Catherine the Great whose tag really, created by her son Paul , in contempt if her COMPLIANCE with them ,not just in her refusal to come to France ,her main ally defense against terrorists ,aka Democrats, but in all her political and sexual and moral decisions, and whose REAL tag given by him to his mother was Catherine the Greatest WHORE in Europe. .

    • And that PERVERSITY by ” them ” in turning what her own said into a title totally the opposite and mainstreaming that CORRUPTION of the TRUTH that perverse hypocrisy into a tool for them to DECEIVE the world with by their CENSORSHIP and MONOPOLY powers over publishing and education and history and truth is a classic example of their MORALITY .And a unsightly into every word they have e er said or written or published or turn ed Into educational material or any other of their manipulative misinformation and disin formations that they peddle as their truth .

  2. D.C. is just a preview of the future we all face under the globalist tyrants. Get ready for all sorts of new strict enforcement from the Biden regime. Just a warm up for when his overlords take over.

  3. Breaking news is Italys military using satellites wified the whole election theft Major shock waves are happening in Italys courts with affidavits from military confessing. MSM remains dead dumb and blind .

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