Huma Abedin: Military Funeral Planned For ‘Dying’ Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton is dying and her "military funeral" is set to include a motorcade through D.C., according to emails published by Judicial Watch.

Hillary Clinton is dying and Huma Abedin is planning her funeral, according to emails between the former presidential candidate and her top aide made public by Judicial Watch on Wednesday. 

The emails also reveal that Hillary Clinton is demanding a full military funeral, involving a motorcade through Washington D.C. as part of a massive State-funded celebration of her life.

The previously unseen emails between Clinton, Abedin and other colleagues were published by Judicial Watch as part of a cache of 1,184 pages of State Department records obtained by the conservative watchdog.

In one notable email exchange, Capricia Marshall, ambassador and long-time friend to Hillary Clinton, sought to map out her – and Bill Clinton’s – funerals because “planning is best done when they are still with us.”


As well, Huma – I would make the same suggestion to you – for her it will be a little different … And once affirmed it will be very hard for someone to deny the type of ceremony she wanted — as well I understand that the President can request certain arrangements for her that she/her rep cannot (ie if you want the motorcade to go through DC — stop somewhere),” Marshall wrote.

Marshall also told Abedin that she had to involve the military in preparation for Hillary’s funeral — “as Protocol has a lot to do with planning, notification etc.

The news that Hillary Clinton is on her last legs corroborates reports that President Trump was told that Bill and Hillary Clinton are dying.

According to a White House insider who works closely with the president, a merciful Trump took pity on Bill and Hillary Clinton upon hearing of their ill-health. Not because he approves of pedophilia, corruption, or murder, but because he is a spiritual man who can see that karma has caught up with them and is about to pay them back by the bucket load.

Their fate in hell far exceeds any punishment we could impose on that pair. We must concentrate on the network of crooks, pedophiles and traffickers that exist right now and prosecute them with the full force of the law,” Trump told the team in a closed-door meeting at the White House.

Trump also believes that the Clintons are a fading force in US politics. Bill’s career is well and truly over and Hillary is a thoroughly defeated figure, languishing at rock bottom in nationwide approval rating polls.

It is believed that a blockbuster Clinton trial would destabilize a country already racked by division, and a guilty verdict would transform the deeply unpopular duo from despised and rejected figures into undeserved martyrs.

President Trump, playing the long game, does not wish to give the DNC this gift.

According to the White House insider it is former president Obama, who has been ignoring the customary peaceful transferral of power, who is viewed as the greater threat to the Trump presidency.

The White House insider also explained that the leaks coming out of the White House would “soon dry up” as Obama-era holdovers were removed, and staff loyal to the president were appointed to key positions of trust.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. How about a military hanging? This pedophile cow deserves to be thrown in the garbage, and buried in the landfill, under dead rats and dirty diapers.

  2. Give no place to wrath…Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.. I will repay…

    Revelation 20:10King James Version (KJV)

    10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

    • LOL , The Lake of Fire Is SYMBOLIC For Eternal Death . Much of The Bible Is Symbolic Especially The Book of Revelation God Is Not Wicked To Create A Place of Purgatory . People’s Ignorance Is Disgusting And They Learn These Things From False Religion .

      • Genesis 19:24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;
        It is evident today that the fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah was real, as real as the Lake of Fire will also be! Yes, the 4 beasts of Revelation are symbolic, but the Lake of Fire is not ! However, there is no purgatory for purification purposes. Either we find grace in the eyes of Jesus, or we are lose eternal life ! That doesn’t mean we will live in eternal torment. But, we will cease to exist after the second resurrection!

  3. BillGoat and Hillarious will finally keep company with their Master and realize their stupidity.. ouch…that’s gotta hurt…FOREVER

  4. “According to a White House insider who works closely with the president,
    a merciful Trump took pity on Bill and Hillary Clinton upon hearing of
    their ill-health.”

    If any part of this is true, Trump needs to publicly flogged. Draining the swamp was why this a$$hole was elected and there is absolutely no excuse for letting the Clinton mob go free. They need to be hit with the full force of the racketeering laws and all their assets confiscated.

  5. Is this for real? I just saw her in a current video yesterday with her new hair style and wearing a leather jacket. Other criminals don’t get off the hook if they have health problems Anyway, she looks perfectly healthy, Bill doesn’t, but she does. I know Judicial Watch is a legitimate news source so I wonder if this news actually came from them. The part I question is the statements attributed to Trump. Pre-planning is not uncommon with senior citizens, even when they are healthy.

    • Oh, please, the Hillary video of a few days ago was done by her double, 20 yrs younger, about 120 pounds lighter, and notably different chin. This “double” is a perfect actress and should get an academy award for impersonation. Watch it again and you can see she is a much younger woman. What a joke……

      • I think it was her double who came out of Chelsey’s apt. the day Hil was carried off in a van, later claiming pneumonia.

      • You sure? In Papua New Guinea, Kuru was contracted when they ate the brains of their enemies. It seems there is something called a Prion that is stored in the brain and acts very much like a virus when ingested by humans.

  6. I can’t read the email but planning in advance doesn’t mean Hillary is dying. Lots of people plan way, way in advance.

  7. That email is 7 years old! She certainly doesn’t look ill to me, judging how she looked on the news the other day, with her new hair cut and new spanks and snug black leather jacket. She looked and sounded like she’s back on her meds. But nowhere near death I must say.

  8. Hog Wash and Bull Shit!!! This Bitch doesn’t deserve a Military funeral with full anything, The only thing she deserves is a rope or a firing squad bullet in the head!

  9. biggest lie that ever come out of the pits of hell this was published to give trump an excuse to not prosecute her treasonous ass if he dont prosecute her he needs to be voted out next election

  10. pity them not and bring them to justice for their crimes .vince foster got no mercy.the benghazi ambassador and nsecurity team got no mercy and they deserve NO MERCY

  11. Trump is just as crooked and corrupt as they are…neither of them deserve to be in the WH. That entire election should be thrown out because of the corruption and cheating on BOTH sides…and we should hold a new election with new candidates.

    • Trump nevered cheated. We the people voted for him. He didn’t rig the election. He didn’t have millions of illegals voting. He didn’t rig voting machines. That’s all on Hillary.

  12. The only way to get rid of Hillary is by a disease. Her corruption and murderous ways do not warrant a military style funeral. Just this weekend another Clinton aide died of “natural causes” just after he was summoned to Congress to testify about Hillary’s emails. He was only 34 years old! No autopsy or toxicology for him – he’s just dead. How many people have died that have associations with this criminal?

    • The count has to be well over 50 by now. There was a list going around about 20 years ago that named the bodies, how they died and how they were involved. I think it stood at a little over 40 then. But the two of them have mown a lot of hay since then.

  13. Slow and steady self-poisoning is definitely the right thing to do in order to avoid world-wide defamation and exposure. The heinous list of nefarious goings-on by the Clintons is best buried by dual suicides.

  14. Why do you think that Trump, a possible brutal child rapist himself, at an Eptein’s private island, a self proclaimed sexual predator and a pathological liar would go against a pedophile ring?? You all know that here in America, we have two different justice systems. One for the 1% and another one for the rest of us. Look at the crooked Hillary. She blatantly broke the law concerning her handling of cl classified m material in her private server, lied blatantly to Congress about it, and never been prosecuted…it ain’t gonna happen.

  15. The only real evidence in this article is the email, which was written while Bill Clinton was President. Of course it is SOP for the President, and his family members, to have the military included in their funeral. The rest of the article is hearsay, with phrases like “According to a White House insider” and “it is believed that”. I especially like the last paragraph where the “White House insider” says the the leaks from the White House will “soon dry up”. Does that include himself, because he is obviously one who is leaking information to the reporter here.

  16. They should be dragged through DC tied to the rear bumper of that old Ford Ranchero Bill used to brag about.

    • I say we honor them as the Vikings did. Place them on a boat stacked with kindling, and as they get far enough away from the shore, launch a flaming arrow into the boat and dramatically light it on fire. Oh, and make sure they are gagged for this. We wouldn’t want their screaming to detract from the solitude.

  17. LOLOLOL Wich died 9/11/16 after the fell into the van. Not one recent screaming; croaking; threatening LIVE video since that one. Stupid 1/2 sister took over but too dumb to continue. LMAO

  18. Trump became one of them now and they’re cleaning their mess after he won election to cover up their crimes….

  19. Too bad that she is dying which I really don’t believe but she deserves no special funeral. She is a disgrace to our country and we will not honor the crook.

  20. More tell-people-what-they-want-to-hear-news aka fake news. How are you not embarrassed to produce this content? Aren’t readers embarrassed that they fall for these articles? Somehow an email sent by someone else from 6 years ago indicates that she’s “on her last legs” today? Right, sure. That checks out logically.

    If you want to take this strictly literally, she’s “dying” in the way we’re all slowly dying. Or she’s “on her last legs” in that her first pair of legs is the only set she’ll ever have and therefore it’s also her last set of legs.

    And, btw, “It is believed that a blockbuster Clinton trial would destabilize a country already racked by division, and a guilty verdict would transform the deeply unpopular duo from despised and rejected figures into undeserved martyrs.” Please cite one legit politician who believes that.

    Please friends, there are so many news sites now – even right-leaning ones – where you could get legit information. Don’t resort to this drivel.

  21. May be true, but I remember Fidel Castro that was supposed to be dying for many years, and as such, was left to his devices.

  22. Not sure if this is fake news or not, but whatever it is, I’ll believe it when I see it and they should suffer plenty the way those poor defenseless children and all those they had murdered along the way to cover their filthy tracks. Karma will bite them right in their ass. What goes up must come down. They’ll rot and burn in hell for all eternity for what they’ve done. That’s the ultimate justice, nothing could ever be worse than that, not even what we would like to do to them. Don’t underestimate the wrath of God almighty.

  23. Let me just say, I voted for Trump, but I do not wish death on anyone, this makes people who do as bad as them. Bill Clinton although a terrible husband was a great President to the people. Even though he was impeached for lying about his affair, this did not change the way he ran the country and he did it well, he had very high ratings from everyone in America. The Lord will make judgement on them. I pray that both Clinton’s will finally tell the truth so they can rest in peace and give closure to people they have hurt. Many people have died around them and I do not believe their is no connection. For these family members I hope that they can finally here the truth about what happened to their loved ones, if the Clinton’s were truly involved. They both have lived full lives and rich lives, they have lived lives that only the one percent can say they have. I do believe we as a country have made the right choice with electing Trump over Hillary. I do not trust her judgement.

  24. So sorry to see her go… NOT!!
    I do feel sorry for the ‘whistleblowers’ that never got a fancy funeral
    I do feel sorry for the ‘witness’s’ that never made it to court or got a fancy funeral
    I do feel sorry for the children she USED in her rituals and were ‘stolen’ and never even got their
    names published for people to mourn… and never made it to THEIR funeral
    … we could be here ALL DAY feeling sorry for TRUE, innocent and honest people who
    left our world in horrible way due to Hillary Clinton and her Cabal…

    I say.. Not one more red cent should be WASTED on the remains of such an evil and disgusting human being..
    GITMO awaits your sickly a$$ Hillary..
    Forget the PLANS… Git ‘er dun NOW!
    Make the WORLD great and safe again!

  25. This is from March of 2017! The traitors are taking their sweet time dying – do it now. BTW – no military and no public funds to be spent planting these grifters. Fu#k them!

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