‘Cards Against Humanity’ Creator Vows To Publish Congress’s Browser History

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Members of Congress who voted to allow ISPs to sell our personal browsing histories to companies are going to have their own browsing histories purchased and published.

Creator of popular card game “Cards Against Humanity” Max Temkin pledged that if Congress voted to allow Internet Service Providers to sell our personal browser histories to private companies, then he would purchase and publish the browser histories of the members of Congress who voted for the bill.


The controversial vote ultimately decided that Internet Service Providers will be permitted to sell off your private data, including your personal browser history, to advertisers.

Or, perhaps, to companies whose founders want to humiliate the politicians responsible for this massively corrupt and unpopular decision.

Rather than encouraging people unhappy with the bill to donate to crowdfunding efforts hoping to inflict similar humiliations, Temkin has encouraged us to save our money. He says he will purchase and release the data himself.



The Republican majority Senate voted to undo the net neutrality protections last week, and the decision on whether ISPs will be able to sell their customers’ personal data will now go to Trump’s desk.

President Trump now has the opportunity to show he is not just a president for CEOs but for all Americans.

The White House said last Tuesday that it “strongly supports” the new measures and Trump is largely expected to pass it.

But the actions of Mr. Temkin lend credence to the old saying “when you come for the Internet, the Internet comes for you.”

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