Video: 3-D Facial Scanner Can Detect Biological Age

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A new 3-D scan  invention claims that not only  can it read and with 100% accuracy detect your biological age, but also your physiological age.

Researchers who have worked on the project are saying it’s more accurate than any other technology in existence today.  GeoBeats news has a great video and article about the scanner (source):

Researchers have developed a 3-D scan that can determine a person’s biological and even physiological age based on the face alone. A three-dimensional imaging system could determine a person’s biological age simply based on a scan of the face.

One researcher who worked on the project believes it is “more accurate than a physical exam” at discerning how well a person’s body is aging as opposed to their chronological age.

The team obtained 3-D facial images of 332 Chinese people ranging in age from 17 to 77 and analyzed them to develop average face shapes representing different age groups.

According to these models, changes are most apparent in the mouth, eye, and nose areas as people get older.

For example, the nose gets wider, eye corners sag, the nose and mouth grow further apart, and overall, older faces become more plump with fat but also droop from gravity.

They found that the faces of most people under age 40 resemble their real age within a six-year range.

The face scan also identified “fast agers” whose bodies were physiologically declining faster than their biological age due to health deficiencies or disease which was corroborated through blood testing.

Researchers believe this 3-D facial scan system could be used to test the efficacy of anti-aging products or as a diagnostic tool for fast agers.



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