Syrian and Iraqi Forces Defeat ISIS – Terrorist Group Flee Middle East

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ISIS defeated in Middle East by Syrian and Iraqi forces

Syrian and Iraqi forces have completely obliterated the stronghold ISIS holds over their respective countries, forcing the terrorist regime to flee the Middle East.

On Saturday, Syrian forces took control over the village of Jbab Hamad following a final ISIS clash in the region. Similarly, Iraqi forces took back complete control of Mosul’s old city, following months of intense clashes.

As ISIS weakened in those key Areas, the Syrian Air Force carried out new operations in areas across Syria, killing scores of ISIS terrorists, and destroying vital military equipment held by the group. reports: According to the Iraqi Joint Operations Command spokesperson, Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul, the Iraqi forces managed to secure the entire old city area of Iraq’s second largest city, also known as the birthplace of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and Syria, dating back to 2014, noting that today’s victory concludes the final chapter of ISIS in Mosul.

Although the area is now confirmed to be terrorist-free, the official announcement by Haider Al Abadi, Iraq’s Prime Minister and Supreme Commander of its Armed Forces, is yet to be made.

According to police sources, units of the Iraqi Federal Police will begin their normal work within few hours.

The Iraqi soldiers have already raised their national flags in what was, until now, known as the last stronghold of ISIS in Mosul’s old city.

During the last batch of operations, Abu Hafsa, a prominent Saudi leader of ISIS, was killed while trying to escape to the left coast of the connector.

The Iraqi forces have also confronted a great number of suicide bombers while cleansing Mosul’s old city.

According to the field reports, the only place that remains under control of ISIS, is a tiny area, located at the edge of the city, and overlooking the Tigris River. The Iraqi forces are only few meters away from the area now.

The Iraqi forces also killed 35 ISIS terrorists and arrested six others when they were trying to make an incursion from the right coast of the connector to the left side of the city.

For his part,  Lt. Col, Abdul Rahman Al Khazali, an Iraqi Federal Police spokesperson, said the Iraqi forces managed to kill 83 ISIS terrorists and arrested many more others, during the last battles in Mosul’s old city.

He then pointed out that his forces discovered a laboratory for manufacturing car bombs, as well as a large tunnel, previously used by the terrorists to move between the neighbourhoods, adding that the Iraqi forces also managed to rescue the remaining civilians who were trapped inside the old city, and have since provided them with water, medicine and food.

Since Saturday morning, units of the joint Iraqi anti-ISIS coalition were involved in clashes with ISIS terrorists, prior to their demise.

According to Special Forces General, Abdul Amir Rashid Yar Allah, the final victory in the old city was achieved after retaking Najafi street, Bab Al Toub and Souk Al Sagha (jewelry market), all of whom were the very last remaining hubs of ISIS terrorists in Mosul.

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