British Politician: Tories Guilty Of ‘Eugenics’ Against Disabled People

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Disabled MP Jared O’Mara has accused the Tory government of performing a eugenics program against disabled people

The Tories are guilty of introducing a system of “eugenics” in an effort to kill all disabled people in Britain, according to a newly-elected Labour MP.

Jared O’Mara, who has cerebral palsy, claims that the Theresa May government has “completely torn up the welfare system” and introduced a Nazi-style eugenics programme against the disabled. reports: He told Disability News Service: “A lot of people say you can’t use that word, but I will do: it’s eugenics.

“They want disabled people to suffer and die. That’s literally what’s happening.

“Disabled people are out there suffering and dying because they have not got the financial means and financial support and nor have they got the legal means to lead an equal life, or even to lead a satisfactory life.”

Among the evidence he points to are reports of people who have been asked by benefit assessors why they have not taken their own lives.

He said: “How is that not eugenics? Putting thoughts of suicide into a disabled person’s head. It’s literally eugenics.”

Mr O’Mara also targeted former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith who in 2010, shortly after becoming work and pensions secretary, appeared to echo the phrase “arbeit macht frei” – which was written over the entrance gates of Auschwitz – by telling a BBC journalist: “Look, work actually helps free people.”

So Mr O’Mara is making all the right noises about Tory disability policy.

Is that why they won’t let him take a seat in the House of Commons?

Here’s Disability News Service again:

“Nearly a month into his new role, he is still having to miss some debates in the House of Commons chamber because he cannot stand for longer than five or 10 minutes and there have been no seats free.

“He told Disability News Service (DNS): ‘There has been a couple of times where I have not been able to get a seat and so I have not been able to attend.

“’The thing is with the Commons chamber, it is 650 MPs but there’s not 650 seats, so for busy events… there’s not enough seats for everybody. It’s ridiculous in this day and age.’

“He is mystified about why there is no form which new disabled MPs can fill in to tell the Commons authorities about any adjustments they might need, which he says could easily be included in the information pack they are handed immediately after their election victory.

“He also points to the Equality Act, which says parliament has an “anticipatory” duty as a public organisation to think in advance about the adjustments it should make for disabled people, such as improving the signs and information around the Houses of Parliament.”

Perhaps those responsible simply don’t want him in the House, making factually-accurate claims that will be extremely embarrassing for an already-weak minority Tory government?

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