Irish Race To Become Extinct By 2050

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Irish people are set to become extinct by 2050

The Irish race are at risk of becoming extinct, according to a professor, who says that by the year 2050 Irish people will be “an ethnic minority” in Ireland. 

Former President of Dublin City University, Ferdinand von Prondzynski, predicts that Irish natives will be on the verge of ceasing to exist by the middle of the century and says that the Chinese may form the largest ethnic group in the country. reports:

Von Prondzynski is known as a lawyer, a legal academic and a high profile commentator on academic affairs and public policy. A German-born Irish citizen, he was a lecturer and Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin and both a Professor and a Dean at the University of Hull, before serving as the high profile second President of DCU. He is now based in Scotland.

Speaking with the Irish Times he said, “Whether this turns out to be an accurate prediction or not, we have to prepare for a very different kind of society.

“It needs to be a planned process to ensure our skills needs are being met…a very substantial increase in population will be needed over a long period of time.

“And I don’t think people have quite realized this yet.”

In Von Prondzynski’s speech he also argued that if Ireland attempts to stop migrants coming to the country it will seriously damage the economy and will see Ireland return to the economic periphery of Europe.

A major population expansion is needed for the next wave of economic growth, and he said universities in particular must prepare the country for the multicultural nature of what Ireland’s future society will be like. He said inter-cultural studies and research should be prioritized and care is needed to ensure the “new Irish” gain equal access to higher education.

The professor added that universities should be “active contributors” to anti-racism policies and offer support to industry and to government agencies.

He also said that Ireland needs to maintain an interest in and support for Irish traditional culture.

Von Prondzynski said, “Ireland as a multicultural society will be able to make a particularly valuable contribution to the new Europe, and will be able to continue to lead as a country in which high-value innovation takes place and strong community values are espoused.”

He added, “People are nervous about immigration. But immigration is almost always a good thing. People think immigrants come here and take jobs, but the opposite is true. They will come and create jobs.”

This week the Central Statistics Office of Ireland released figures which show that people from non-white backgrounds in Ireland are twice as likely to report that they are being discriminated against. The Quarterly National Household Survey for July to September 2014 revealed that nearly one in eight (12 percent) people aged 18 or over said they felt discriminated against during the previous two years.


  1. Irish people are scattered around the world and if they all returned, the Island would probably sink. I know from family history that I am 25% German-American from ancestors who came to the USA in the 1850s and fought in the Civil War to end slavery. But my DNA also says that I’m 2% Scandinavian or Finnish – path as yet unknown maybe from ancient invaders into Ireland. Very few nations are ethnically pure because of migrations throughout the centuries, but I am 100% northeastern European.

  2. “Irish” is a nationality, not a “race.” Stop it already with calling every difference between peoples as a “race.” We’re all humans, members of homo sapiens sapiens, and therefore all of the same “race.” Yes there are phenotypical differences, and viva la difference! Nonetheless, some people prefer to mate within their own culture and phenotype. This has recently been shamed as “racism,” which it is certainly not. Reject the collectivist propaganda and follow your heart, while treating all others civilly, as you yourself would want to be treated. Consider all as individuals, and judge them on their character rather than any collectivist identity with which they clothe themselves.

  3. Not quite correct. The largest occupier of Irish territory, at least in the West will be wind turbines, owned mainly by British & German hedge funds. These are decimating the rural population of Ireland. Also l might add, that, Dublin aside, Ireland is already at economic periphery of Europe. The idea that waves of immigrants forced upon the Irish population will be the answer to Ireland’s woes is laughable, but not for those thousands of Irish people that are being thrown out on to the street by the vulture funds (ably assisted by the so called Government of Ireland, actually a corporation -source Dunn & Bradstreet), who then have to watch the ‘government’ placing immigrants in their vacated homes.

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