Ukraine Outlaws Main Opposition Party, Seizes All Its Assets

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Ukraine bans oppositional party, seizes all their assets

Ukrainian authorities have outlawed the country’s main opposition party and seized all of its assets, effectively making President Zelensky a dictator.

The country’s Ministry of Justice announced the ban via Facebook, revealing that the Opposition Platform — For Life had been shut down and its assets, money and property transferred to Zelensky’s goons.

The party had previously had its operations suspended in March after it was accused of being too pro-Russian. reports: The ban means that Zelensky’s main political opposition has been eliminated. The OPPL was the second largest party in the country and its popularity surpassed that of Zelensky’s Servant of the People party last year.

Its leader Viktor Medvedchuk, who claims he is merely looking out for the interests of the Ukrainian people by seeking better relations with Russia, was placed under house arrest last month.

The announcement said the party was suspected of acting to “undermine the sovereignty” of Ukraine, with authorities have already banned 10 other political opposition parties for the same reason.

Last month, President Zelensky signed a bill into law that gave the green light to ban any party that challenged the government’s policy on the Russian invasion, empowering courts to seize assets without the right to appeal.

While opposition parties are being obliterated, Ukrainians who engage in dissent are also being rounded up and arrested by armed men from the Ukraine Security Service.

As we previously highlighted, Ukraine is also attempting to extradite and imprison citizens who live in other European countries if they criticize Zelensky.

Meanwhile, President Zelensky is still being hailed by western legacy media outlets as a valiant defender of democracy in contrast to the brutal autocratic dictators who control Russia.

What a joke.


    • Private individuals in the USA do. Those who oppose democracy really and support Monarchies You know like the Bourbons. They HATE Americans don’t they?

  1. 50% of the population of ucrainia has left the country…90% of those still left are displaced and most are males at Z won`t let leave so he is a genicide agent for the system in the DMZ that NATO&russia built with ALL NUCLEAR WARHEADS and nuclear weapons removed so all setup years ago.So covid did`nt get the job done? and now we start the age of the geniced by proxy OVER LARDING war pigs playing war game with thier new TOYS of masse destuctions.Why not just handout rubbers and birth control pills?/power money and fear mongers in the one%

  2. They always set up scapegoats Hitler Mussolini Robespierre Amin Ceaucescu Abutto etc etc They all end the same way because they all know too much.
    Lenin and his side kick, you know the one who had the ice pick on the brain, whatever, and even Stal8ns daughter said her dad lived in terror everyday of being murdered by his handlers too, if he weren’t fully compliant.
    “we are all disposable to them” QE2. And nothing happens about their murders, JFK Rfk, etc except theatre orchestrated by the Rule of law. “theyre
    all in it together” Princess Dianna.

  3. If only that were true. Putin
    would have invaded Ukraine in December 2013 (just before the Maidan
    revolution in February 2014), when Republican Senator John McCain and
    Democratic senator Chris Murphy visited Kyiv and addressed the rioting
    crowds, encouraging them to overthrow the Ukrainian government. At that
    point the invasion would have been a cakewalk, just like in Kazachstan
    this year.
    Instead, Putin watched as Ukrainian nationalists overthrew
    the government, and he later pursued fruitless negotiations and Minsk
    Agreements. Putin waited while the West was training the Ukrainian
    army. So now we have a bloody mess and it’s Putin’s fault.


    I had long time to think about all that. Why didn’t Kremlin stop US occupation of Ukraine? There are hundreds of things they could have done differently that would have prevented or stopped US-backed coup in Kiev. Unfortunately, the reality is they don’t care about Ukraine. Ukraine is a pawn used to destroy Anglo-American empire. This was planned since the first Chechen war when Washington funded terrorists in Chechnya. The goal is revenge. Revenge for destruction of Warsaw Alliance and the USSR. Revenge for Yugoslavia and countless bloody wars in Mideast that followed. Putin intends to end the Empire of Lies. Every political step taken for the last 20 years is aimed at that goal.

    • WRONG it was set up as a DMZ by russia america and nato way before and that removed all of the nuclear arms from the UKRAINE which opened the door for a WAR STAGE DMZ showcase sideshow war that would`nt go nuclear or spred.It`s a WIN WIN WIN for the ONE% selling arms fuel food and everything as they own like 99% of everything.ALL war is based on MONEY FOOD GAS and goverments&churches have nothing to do with it as the ONE% controls the globe and space near&far and sells sells sells and money money money is the only thing keeping them the ONE% and in control&POWER money makes the world go round and they OWN all the goverments.WAR`s IN DMZ-s are just sells maketing tools and fear mongering as the slave run about looking for a safe fort to live in not wanting to live in the jungle

    • K-zak has nuclear weapons and is a huge country run internationally by the russia&china complex and america and nato.endless gas oil and food mean the ONE owns& protects it BUT the gas prices SKYROCKETed when russia invaded K-zak not when russia invaded ucainia that is a DMZ setup as a war showacse by the ONE% for weapon sells and power&control over the masses by the few ONE%.ANYtime the one% wants or needs some MORE money or power they start a war to control the markets and reduced the populations for thier wants&needs.Elites run the world not the masses

    • There was no “revolution” in Ukarine, only an US-Organized Coup d’Etat in whiat the LEGITIMATE Political Leadership of Ukraine was removed and replaced with the Agents of the USA .

      Poroshenko, President of Ukraine after the Maidan Coup d’Etat

      Quoted in Interfax-Ukraine and Kyiv Post – 4 August 2014 .

      „ I don’t know how to work with a Parliament where the Majority of people represent a „ fifth column” which is controlled from abroad, whole factions. And the danger
      of this is only rising . „

  4. The outlawing started to happen as soon as Zelensky took power. Notice how the White House in Not hollering about this.

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