DOJ To Arrest THOUSANDS of MAGA Supporters Who Listened to Trump’s Speech on Jan 6

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Biden's DOJ threatens to arrest thousands of Trump supporters who attended Jan 6 rally

The Begin regime has threatened to imprison thousands of Trump supporters who attended his official speech on January 6, and sentence them to life in prison.

Matthew Graves, US Attorney for the District of Columbia last Thursday held a press conference on the 3rd anniversary of the J6 protest.

“It’s been three years since a violent mob attacked our Capitol,” Graves said. reports: Graves thanked the public for assisting the FBI in identifying J6rs and said more Capitol protesters would be arrested.

“An important note about those who remained outside the [Capitol] building,” Graves said. “We have used our prosecutorial discretion and to primarily to focus on those who entered the building, are those who engaged in violent or rough conduct on Capitol grounds.”

Graves then said the DOJ is now going to target THOUSANDS of Americans who were around the Capitol on January 6 – but did not enter the building.

He continued, “But, if a person knowingly entered a restricted area without authorization, they had already committed a federal crime. Make no mistake, thousands of people occupying the area that they were not authorized to be present in in the first place.”


One day after Matthew Graves’ press conference where he threatened to arrest thousands of peaceful Trump supporters who didn’t enter the Capitol building, Joe Biden was near Valley Forge bragging up locking up J6rs.

Biden bragged about pro-Trump protesters being sentenced to 840 years in prison.

Biden said of January 6, 2021: “Since that day more than 1,200 people have been charged for assaulting the Capitol. More than 900 have been convicted or pleaded guilty. Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison.”

Most January 6 protestors peacefully strolled through the Capitol after being waved in by police but they were arrested and charged by Biden’s corrupt Justice Department anyway.

Videos published by The Gateway Pundit show Capitol police moving barricades, opening sets of locked doors and waving in Trump supporters on January 6.

Just two days after Matthew Graves’ presser, the FBI arrested three January 6rs in a pre-dawn raid on the anniversary of the Capitol protest – THREE YEARS LATER.

“The FBI executed three federal arrest warrants early this morning at a ranch in Groveland, Florida in Lake County,” the FBI Tampa office said in a statement on X. “The subjects taken into custody are January 6 fugitives Jonathan Daniel Pollock, Olivia Michele Pollock, and Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III. The defendants are scheduled to appear in Federal Court in Ocala, Florida on Monday, January 8. No further details concerning their capture are available at this time.”

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