‘Experts’ Warn Britain’s NHS Is Suffering Its ‘Worst Heart Care Crisis In Living Memory’

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Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is suffering its ‘worst heart care crisis in living memory’, experts have warned.

Figures show what early deaths from heart disease have hit their highest level in more than a decade and still everything but the covid vaccine is being blamed….

MSN reports: Cases of heart attacks, heart failure and strokes among the under-75s had tumbled since the 1960s thanks to plummeting smoking rates, advanced surgical techniques and breakthroughs such as stents and statins.

But now obesity, diabetes and undiagnosed high blood pressure are reversing six decades of progress. 

Long waits for tests and treatment are also taking their toll, as are the knock-on effects of the Covid pandemic and recent industrial action by medics.

Data analysed by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shows progress in the battle against the killer condition appears to have come to an end. 

The latest figures for 2022 reveal that heart disease killed 80 out of every 100,000 people in England – the highest rate since 2011, when it was 83.

Heart fatalities in the under-75s have risen for three consecutive years.

The BHF said it was a ‘clear reversal in the trend for almost 60 years’ and a sign the death toll from heart disease was rising again.

Dr Sonya Babu-Narayan, associate medical director at the BHF and a consultant cardiologist, said: ‘We’re in the grip of the worst heart care crisis in living memory.

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