British Police Force Ridiculed Following Their Gay Pride Tweet

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UK police gay pride

A UK police force has been mocked after tweeting its support for gay pride but then warning the public that it would be “monitoring” replies for “hate crime.”

On Monday Essex Police force warned Britons against making their thoughts known as they marked Pride Month with a picture of officers raising the Progress Pride flag.

In a tweet they said: “We celebrate diversity by raising the Pride Progress flag for #PrideMonth at our HQ & to honour those who championed for equality before us! #WeValueDifference #PoliceinPride”

They then finished off the tweet by warning: “We’re monitoring our posts. All hate crime will be reported & investigated.”

Summit News reports: Some respondents pointed out the bitter irony of Essex Police wasting resources on offensive social media posts while people in Essex are being stabbed in the streets in broad daylight.

“And who defines “hate crime”? You?” asked one respondent. “What qualifies you to do that? You don’t even know what you’re being paid to do anymore.”

“Are you seriously threatening the population that if we don’t comply to your ideology and speak out an objection, you’ll investigate us? Wow. Too bad you don’t put that kind of passion into stopping grooming gangs from raping young girls,” remarked another.

“Doing something so popular that you have to warn people you’re monitoring your posts for ‘hate crime’ (not a real crime btw),” added another.

People in the UK are routinely investigated and sometimes charged by police for “hate crimes” that have become so broad, anyone form a minority group who claims they were offended is enough for authorities to treat and record it as a “hate incident.”

Back in 2015, the head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council said that due to a lack of resources, officers would be unable to attend some burglaries. In 2018, it was revealed that two thirds of burglaries are not even investigated.

However, resources always seem to be available when it comes to policing thoughts and words.

In 2017, it was reported that British police had arrested 3,395 people for ‘offensive online comments’ in the space of a year.

In 2019, Harry Miller, a former police officer himself, was interrogated by cops for 30 minutes merely for liking a tweet that was deemed to be offensive to the transgender community.


  1. Pork is the forbidden meat not just of Moslems and Jews but Christians too. Englands traditional dish is pork pie. Has been for hundreds of years. Pedophilia is their pastime. Go figure.

  2. Pride is the worst sin. As Jesus said recently: January 24 2022 to Valentina: “I hate pride! I suffer so much for pride and vanity!
    In Christopher Marlow’s Doctor Faustus, the protagonist’s extreme pride and arrogance leads him to sign a pact with the devil. He sells his soul to the devil in order to be superior to all other men.
    Gay pride and all pride, is a very, very, bad sin.
    Pride is the sin that Lucifer can always count on to destroy human souls.

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