Fauci Hints He May Retire Soon As Rand Paul Works At Removing His Position As NIAID Director

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Dr Anthony Fauci has hinted that he may be about to retire as covid cases drop claiming he only agreed stay until the end of the pandemic

The news just happened to come as Senator Rand Paul announced it was time to remove Fauci from his position as NIAID director.

Paul introduced an amendment this week that would stop Fauci rom making public health decisions for millions of Americans. No one person should be deemed ‘dictator-in-chief,’” Paul declared.

Fauci, who is president Bidens’s chief medical adviser told ABC’s Start Here podcast that he is considering retiring as covid cases drop and restrictions have been lifted across the country.

He said: ” I have said that I would stay in what I’m doing until we get out of the pandemic phase and I think we might be there already if we can stay this” he then added “I don’t have any plans right now to go anywhere, but you never know. I can’t stay at this job forever.”

The Mail Online reports: The hints of retirement came as he warned that easing restrictions, the waning protection from vaccines and the rise of the BA.2 subvariant in the UK and around the world could bring on another wave of COVID infections to the U.S.

The U.S. recorded about 52,884 new cases over the past day, with about 1,685 new deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. At the height of the Omicron surge, the US hit an all-time record of well over a million new infections every day. 

Fauci told ABC that the rise of the new variant, which has seen a spike in the UK, could cause a surge in the U.S. as it appears to be as infectious as Omicron, but added that it would not cause a surge in hospitalizations or deaths. 

‘I would not be surprised if in the next few weeks we see somewhat of either a flattening of our diminution or maybe even an increase,’ he said, noting that the U.S. is typically two to three weeks behind the UK when it comes to a spike in cases. 

‘Whether or not that is going to lead to another surge, a mini surge or maybe even a moderate surge, is very unclear because there are a lot of other things that are going on right now.’ 

He added that the rise could result in COVID restrictions returning to the U.S., but he noted that it would likely be an uphill battle to put the mandates back in place after states all across the country lifted the protocols. 

‘From what I know about human nature, which I think is pretty much a lot, people are kind of done with COVID,’ he said. 

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