American Exceptionalism Has No Place In The World

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Americans can’t be the policemen of the world, not with Russia and China around.

Americans have to realize that what lies beyond the horizon is not the ‘wild west’ but the ‘old world’ from which the Pilgrims escaped.

American exceptionalism and the drive toward a unipolar world does not fare well with the old world.

Countries like Russia and China have seen it all before. Empires that once ruled the world have come and gone. The new replaces the old, which was once new.

The tyranny of exceptionalism is what led people to flee the old world for the new in America.

Neither Trump nor Clinton are qualified to lead the free world.

Fort Russ reports:

I with great interest read Hillary Clinton’s platform and in some sense autobiographical article on American exceptionalism. Recently, this topic has really worried American politicians.

In some sense, American politicians resemble balding men who, undergoing their midlife crisis, sometimes can’t resist telling everyone that they’re still vital and the real alpha males despite their beer belly, shortness of breath, and memory blackouts.

The American politicians who feel the midlife crisis of their empire suddenly feel the need to tell the whole world that America is still one in a million, number one, and an exceptional country, and so on. Frankly speaking, Clinton and Trump’s election speeches resemble political viagra.

Clinton promises Americans exceptionalism while Trump promises a return to greatness. This would be hilarious if it weren’t happening in a country with such a large arsenal of nuclear weapons.

All of Hillary Clinton’s article on American exceptionalism is based on a very simple thesis: “America is cool because America has American values.” This is wonderful but, of course, listening to Mrs. Clinton preach about values is the same as listening to the owner of a brothel speak about morality. There is nothing wrong here, but there is the risk of dying from laughter.

This woman, who experienced deep emotional satisfaction over the fact that Colonel Gaddafi was killed and that his corpse was raped with a knife, is a poor example of moral values. This is a politician who knew that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing financial support to the Islamic State, but did nothing. This is another bad example of moral values.

In fact, I’d really like to know how this lover of American values sees them as compatible with receiving millions of dollars on her birthday from the government of Qatar. If this is the price for Secretary Clinton’s silence on Qatar’s support for ISIS, then she is cheap. And if this is simply a “sign of friendship,” then this is shallow for one of the US’ top politicians.

It is also interesting how all the talk about freedom and human rights relates to Hillary Clinton’s own positions on friendship and cooperation with Qatar or Saudi Arabia. This is a rhetorical question, but I will surely ask the lovers of American values that I meet in in television studios for debates.

The funniest thing in Clinton’s article is that her conclusion coincides with Barack Obama’s interesting statement that he made after meeting with Italian PM Renzi. Having met with the leader of Italy in Washington apparently to budge the deadlock on introducing new sanctions against Russia, the US President did not obtain any positive results. And after these fruitless negotiations, he said the following:

“We think Russia is a large and important country with a military that is second only to ours and has to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.”

It should catch the eye that here Obama somehow imperceptibly changed his rhetoric. Just recently, he spoke of Russia as a country whose economy is “in tatters.” And quite recently he also said that Russia is only a regional power. And now he is suddenly talking about Russia’s important role in the resolution of global problems and that Russia has the second strongest military in the world.

This is what the Russian operation in Syria has done to the American president. It turns out that demonstrating Caliber missiles has a healing effect on the symptoms of exclusivity that the US President had. Remember this evolution of Obama: he went from being a politician who saw Russia as a mere regional power to a politician who recognizes that Russia can actually make exceptional problems for the exceptional US.

And now Obama is at the end of the path that Clinton still has to travel. I believe that Putin, Shoigu, and Lavrov’s joint efforts can help her rapidly travel this path that took Obama 8 years. In her article, Mrs. Clinton managed to run over not only us, but also China, which means that we can assume that our Chinese comrades will also join the treatment process.

After reading Hillary Clinton’s article, in which she in all seriousness boasts of the US’ eternal advantages over Russia and China and exceptional American values, I am inclined to accept the idea that there is still a very big difference between young and old empires. Young empires like the US are arrogant and cocky. Old ones, like Russia or China, are wise and calm.

the Americans would do well to learn a realistic view of the world from their English comrades who have even more experience in global politics. Their view was well reflected in the quote of Sir John Sawyers in a BBC interview that the American unipolar world existed for a short while and is already finished.

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