“Miracle” Of Wireless Electricity Hides Century Of Abusing Human Race In The Name Of Power

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Strategic Investor has just made a rather breathlessly excited report about the incredible potential of “nano-crystal electricity” – a way to transmit electrical power without ANY wires.

Devices will no longer need plugs, houses will no longer need ring mains, the landscape will no longer be littered with cables, and an incredible new world of Freedom is onrushing towards us over the horizon.

And of course, I completely welcome this revolution. The world must progress from the unsustainable doom the technology of the 20th century will inflict upon us if we continue to rely on it through the 21st!

But as ever, the general population are treated as a species of fungus, kept in dark and fed on manure! Because the truth about this technology miracle is a history of secret scandal on a mind-blowing scale.

This is NOT “new” technology! Couldn’t be further from the truth! For a start, CNN, of all people, reported on this “breakthrough” four years ago.

And this was actively demonstrated almost 10 years ago via TED TALKS:

There is only ONE real breakthrough here. The “official” approval of the FDA breaking the bureaucratic barrier that has stopped the world having this technology, and as Eric Giler admitted at the start of his TED TALK, almost 10 years ago, it was TESLA who proved the concept in the early 1900’s!

Nikola Tesla is a name of genius, the radical inventor who created the alternating current system that has powered the world over the last century. But Tesla himself said his greatest mistake was in having TWO ideas of profound genius. He made electrical systems possible, but he didn’t count on the greed of man and lust for control. While Edison loved his AC/DC system to make electricity practical, the idea people would not need corporations to access that electricity made Tesla a threat that had to be destroyed. And that is just what happened.

^This was TESLA’s prototype WIRELESS broadcast tower built in 1904, and viciously wrecked by both the lies and thugs of Thomas Edison, who destroyed Tesla’s reputation and left him to die in abject poverty after stealing everything from him. These patents have been kept from the world for over 100 years ON PURPOSE!

Read about Tesla’s life here.

And yet here we are coming up to the third decade in the 21st Century, and it seems the mood is changing towards finally seeing Tesla’s vision brought into fruition. Elon Musk directly honoured Tesla by naming his driverless electric car company after him, Tesla Motors.

What are the true implications, beyond domestic convenience, of this technology?

In a world obsessed with limitations, as it has been through the oil age, not enough for all, not enough to go around, the idea has been the world will “run out of energy” and many prophets of doom have predicted civilisation’s collapse “when oil runs out”. Indeed we cannot excuse the damage caused by oil technology nor fail to recognise the word “finite” has a strict meaning.

But the universe is nothing BUT energy, in different forms of “solidity” including “solid matter”. The energy the sun casts off every second makes a mockery of the energy needed to power human civilisation for a century. Wireless transmission of electrical power has revolutionary implications when combined with space based energy collection – unlimited free energy in total abundance.

As the 5G satellite network prepares to project AI across the entire globe, we enter a new era where the signal becomes all: both information and emancipation. But will this truly liberate people? Or will this power technology instead be used to enslave humanity more totally than ever before?

Now we see the truth that the century of WIRED electrical technology was never about electrical power at all! It was about POLITICAL power. By creating a network upon which all progress was dependant, Edison seized massive power for himself and the industrialists of a century ago, which have become the globalist technocrats of today.

The battle for the future of humanity and freedom requires all us to recognise we must not make the mistakes of the past, again.

The truth, as it usually is, is rather simple.

There is no energy crisis. There never has been. There has been a deliberately manufactured political power crisis, for it is “they” who have controlled the world by creating a fantasy of lack and limitation.

While I wholeheartedly endorse the roll-out of this utterly essential technology, I do not do so with eyes closed to the legacy of the past. I heartily recommend you do the same. If enough people understand the true scope and background to wireless electricity, there is a far better world to be won.

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White



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