British Police Ordered To Arrest Hugely Successful Pedophile Hunters

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UK police chiefs have vowed to put an end to pedophile hunting groups, instructing police officers to start arresting the hunters.

Over the last few years, in post Savile Britain, child sex rings are finally being exposed after years of official cover-ups and citizen groups are now tackling the problem of pedophiles head on.

There are at least 75 of these pedophile hunter groups operating in Britain. They pose as underage youngsters on sites where kids gather and bait the trap. Should they get a potential pedophile taking interest they play along until the pedophile sets up a meet, then they confront him with a video camera and hand the evidence to police.

The British press has reported on many convictions, entirely down to the efforts of these groups, who have decided the protection of children is their ethical responsibility.

But now, national police chiefs have vowed to put an end to these groups, instructing police officers to start arresting the pedophile hunters.

The reason?  Well, its debatable if it’s a reason, or an excuse, but what’s reported is that “pedophile hunters don’t safeguard the privacy of the victims”. This is a wondrous example of double-think: because the only “victim” of these groups is the caught-out pedophiles.

The new guidance tells officers NOT to work with groups who are trying to catch potential child predators – and to pursue the hunters with the full force of the law!

Quite rightly the British people are deeply suspicious as to what’s REALLY going on here. After all, an estimated 1,400 young white girls were only able to be entrapped into child prostitution with the police turning a blind eye to years’ worth of reports and demonising those who spoke up as “racists” – a  narrative still active today as the Labour party turned against one of their own for telling the truth, Sarah Campion, Rotheram Labour MP, who was viciously attacked by her own party for daring to speak out.

Perhaps the real issue is the social dynamite of some of those who’ve been trawled up by these methods, such as this Islamic Imam (Priest). Because if the British Left has one constant rule, it’s that the British Right cannot be allowed to be right about anything, especially any criticism of Islam.

The sickness of lust that has driven this epidemic of perversion is part of a wider social malaise, unfortunately, driven by the dark side of the internet.

Russia Today, that most maligned of news sources in the current world climate, has been a thorn in the British establishment’s side for years, and many Britons like myself have found RT’s reporting helpful to highlight what the British establishment would have rather remained in shadows.

They have documented the slow collapse of the will to prosecute and punish pedophiles in the UK.

This report exposes how police chiefs are trying not to have to jail pedophiles.

RT has also given social media a broadside for refusing to do its part to make it harder for pedophiles to operate and for inciting material like child pornography to circulate.

But it was this bombshell report that best illustrates the moral slump Britain is falling into. Its simply such a HUGE problem there isn’t the jail space to take these scum out of society:

“The National Crime Agency estimated in 2015 that there were up to 750,000 men in Britain who were interested in having sex with children. This suggests that as many as one in every 35 adult males is on the pedophile spectrum.”

Your News Wire would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that every time anyone views child porn, they are assaulting that child all over again. CP is not an “innocent” crime, far from it, and the more this terrible material spreads, the more likely yet another psychologically messed up adult will switch from fantasising to acting out that fantasy.

The future looks grim right now for Britain and her children, and the attempt to yet again hide the collapse of social morality by blaming the whistle-blowers and those doing the job the police refuse to, means that if the UK establishment succeeds in criminalising the hunters, the worst the situation is going to get. Terrible times! We must hope the police witch-hunt against the protectors of the innocent fails in disgrace.

John White
John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page