Fireball Spotted Over Parts Of Europe

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Several people in the Netherlands and Belgium witnessed a bright fireball in the sky on Tuesday October 27h at around 19:30 CET, the Dutch Astroblogs report.

According to Sott net:

Reports of this sighting were also posted on the ‘fireball reports‘ page of the International Meteor Organization. According to observers, the duration of the fireball varied from 3.5 to 7.5 seconds, and the brightness varied greatly between -4m and -22m, the latter being brighter than the full moon, as Astroblogs’ editor Arie Nouwen notes.

Marcel, one of the Dutch observers who was in Enschede at the time, said that the color of the fireball was white. The “falling star”, as some call it, was also seen above the city Alkmaar. Where exactly the fireball in Belgium was seen was not specified.

Four days later, on Halloween, another fireball was spotted in the Netherlands at around 19:00 CET. Observers described the fireball as having a green color. It was at least seen in Meppel and Raalte, which lie in the northeastern parts of the country.

Astroblogs reported that the green fireball was also seen in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.

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