Fleet Of UFOs Spotted Over ‘The Shard’ In London

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Fleet of UFOs spotted over London's 'The Shard'

A large fleet of UFOs was spotted over London’s tallest building, The Shard, last December with some UFO enthusiasts claiming aliens were sightseeing the famous landmark. 

A tourist managed to snap a picture of the unidentified objects and forwarded the image for investigation by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Express.co.uk reports:

The picture was taken in the capital last December.

The eyewitness said: “On closer inspection of the photographs, I noticed that a progressive path off unidentified objects were recorded on the several images that were taken. They were clearly visible above the pinnacle of The Shard.

“In extreme close-up, the object to the far right has a clear structure – perhaps metallic. I am almost certain these are not light reflections. I take lots of photographs and have never observed this phenomenon before or since.”

However, unfortunately, for anyone hoping for a breakthrough in the search for proof of alien life this one looks to be just a red herring.

Before MUFON, the world’s largest organisation dedicated to researching and logging global UFO sightings, has had chance to investigate the picture it appears another ET researcher has cracked the case.

Italian Scott Brando, who runs hoax-buistingwebsite ufoofinterest.org, has revealed robust evidence that it was nothing more than a lens flare.

Lens flares appear on pictures when light reflects inside the camera, which places reflected light in an opposite part of the image, and this is why the so-called objects are never seen by the photographer.

The snapper of The Shard picture said they had ruled out a lens flare as the cause – despite admitting they had not seeing any objects in the sky at the time the image was captured.

However, Mr Waring did not appear to consider the possibility of a lens flare.

He said the picture was an example of how the digital eye of the camera is more exact than the human eye, because they photographer never saw them.

He said: “There are only two reasons to stop by such a famous building.

“One to drop off some alines to do some shopping or to observe a marvel of the modern age – the building itself.”

Mr Brando, who forensically examines alleged UFO pictures, appears to have has geometrically shown on the picture the lights towards the bottom of the building which were the source of the flares by lining them up in a graphic.

He said: “Yes, this is 100 per cent caused by lens flare.”

He was backed up by someone posting under the username Skywatcher on ufostalker.com who said: “This looks like lens flare caused by the bright streetlights at the bottom of the picture.

“One clue is that lens flare often has an aqua colour. Another clue is the symmetry between the bright light source and the lens flares.”

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