Lin Wood: “Chief Justice John Roberts Is CORRUPT and Should Resign Immediately”

Fact checked
Lin Woods blasts Chief Justice John Roberts for being corrupt, says he should resign immediately

Attorney Lin Wood put Chief Justice John Roberts on blast on Thursday.

Wood accused Roberts of having ties to pedophile billionaire Jeffreey Epstein.

Lin also declared that this “may be the most important tweet of my life.” reports: John Roberts has been led along like a dog on a leash since Barack Obama was president. His rulings make no sense to anyone.

This may explain why–

There were reports earlier of the flight logs from Epstein’s Lolita Express.


  1. he adopted two irish children which is against irish law
    adopting children outside of ireland, so he don,t have any
    respect for the LAW

  2. Ken Star was part of Epstein’s dream team along with Alan “kept my underpants on” Dershowitz. So, its no surprise that Roberts may have gone to the island, other lawyers had ties.

  3. Where did the above flight log come from?
    Who has been hiding it?
    One has to wonder how many other federal judges are on the Epstein flight logs?
    Why is it marked “confidential” and by whom?
    Is this another case of FBI blackmail?

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